Remembering many of my friends with whom I lost touch in the course of my journey of life, I began to write my first blog.I still recollect the times way back in school when we were always up to some mischief or the other.Playing during the class,copying the home work from a friend’s notebook,sometimes bunking the class,getting completely immersed in the most interesting topics chatting with my buddy during class,blaming the other on getting caught,the delicious ice creams we would buy on our way back home,the way we enjoyed the rainy days,and if I continue,I know the list will never end.

But none of this felt special, till I happened to get far from it.When I moved out of town, I spent almost three months without any real contact with friends. On Sundays,I had nowhere interesting to go, I couldn’t share the things happening in my life, like, how awesome I found this place,how sad or happy I was, what mischief I was up to,and all.All the things like going to a park,shopping,etc which interested me before seemed to be boring.I really missed my friends.I realized that no matter how stupid or irritating our ¬†friends maybe, we still love them and want them in our lives.

friendsBut the wonderful thing about life¬† is that it moves on.I made many new friends and no moment is ever the same.Wherever I go, I never ever miss the wonderful opportunity of making new friends and sharing the joy of friendship.Now that I never really stayed at a place for a long time, I realized that every friend I make, teaches me more than any book can. And the best friends we find in life will always be the best throughout our life, no matter how many new people we meet. Here’s an advice to all the gifted people in this world, “No matter how nonsensical your friend may be,find some reason you like him for, and never be the first to break this heavenly relationship.”

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