Making a Living

When I was a kid, I’m always wondering where can I get money to buy candy and other stuff. I wanted to buy anything I wish, but to no avail. We are not that poor, but there’s substantial money to buy something, but not the want I really wanted to buy. I am restrained from buying anything because enough is much to us during the early 70s and more is heavenly for the family. I don’t know anything much about earning from the sweat of your brow, being a kid is like a free spirit, taking what you want, anything you desire is a blissful feeling, until the day I earn and learn how to make a living!

When I began to understand making a living, it’s not that easy. As early as 12 to 13 years old I worked as an apprentice to a car painter. I’m not earning that much back in the 80s, I think I earn 10 pesos a day, that was the first and it’s not that easy working with an old age man who is in his mid-40s and I’m in my teenage year. All I want is to get it done what he wanted me to do and take my dough that day and play! Then in my early 20s, I was a helper to an installer of an elevator. I didn’t learn that much because I was hooked up in the computer. I maybe jack of all trades and master of none but I continue studying my course up until I decided to become a graphic designer back in the 90s. I thought, making a living is as simple as breathing. There are a lot of things to consider you and them. You need to keep your low profile all the time that people will always look for your weaknesses and everything. They will use it against you in the future. You’re not just supporting yourself and your family, your making a living because that’s life, that’s how life really works. Being you bears your attitude, character and how you deal with your life when making a living. It’s your signature on how you may be able to keep the flow and you live according to what is right for you and your future endeavor!
JWRG 2016

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