Making a Living

When I was a kid, I’m always wondering where can I get money to buy candy and other stuff. I wanted to buy anything I wish, but to no avail. We are not that poor, but there’s substantial money to buy something, but not the want I really wanted to buy. I am restrained from buying anything because enough is much to us during the early 70s and more is heavenly for the family. I don’t know anything much about earning from the sweat of your brow, being a kid is like a free spirit, taking what you want, anything you desire is a blissful feeling, until the day I earn and learn how to make a living!

When I began to understand making a living, it’s not that easy. As early as 12 to 13 years old I worked as an apprentice to a car painter. I’m not earning that much back in the 80s, I think I earn 10 pesos a day, that was the first and it’s not that easy working with an old age man who is in his mid-40s and I’m in my teenage year. All I want is to get it done what he wanted me to do and take my dough that day and play! Then in my early 20s, I was a helper to an installer of an elevator. I didn’t learn that much because I was hooked up in the computer. I maybe jack of all trades and master of none but I continue studying my course up until I decided to become a graphic designer back in the 90s. I thought, making a living is as simple as breathing. There are a lot of things to consider you and them. You need to keep your low profile all the time that people will always look for your weaknesses and everything. They will use it against you in the future. You’re not just supporting yourself and your family, your making a living because that’s life, that’s how life really works. Being you bears your attitude, character and how you deal with your life when making a living. It’s your signature on how you may be able to keep the flow and you live according to what is right for you and your future endeavor!
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What Will Life Be Like In 100 Years?

I can’t help but think that in my mid-40s, I’m feeling like I’m in my 60s.

A lot of things happened so fast when you are young, even thinking that you will get old is not even on your agenda, but when we reach 25 something has changed gradually that we might notice but we just ignored it.

I don’t know where I heard this, but when we reached 25 we are entering our long journey to a much bolder experience both spiritually and physically. Our physiological structure can handle so much like stress, depression, hard work even a simple household chores, but as we mature our body can’t withstand the aging so to speak.

Thinking about centennial year is like how are you going to enjoy every minute of it if you are unable to do the normal things you routinely doing it before you can’t even move like it used to be. It will be a terrible feeling to see yourself that most of your friends, family members and even your classmates expired and here you are “enjoying” your centennial years to the fullest!

It’s fascinating how you live up to that year, but it must be terrible with all the painful crackling joints and other problems like memory loss, kidney failure, brittle bones that you have to endure and to live with it getting up in the morning is not as easy drinking water that will take a lot of time to stand or simply sit.

The advent of advanced technology when it comes to better living might be around the corner in the future, it can help you in many ways, sadly, aging will still be there that looking for the fountain of youth is no where near our grasp.

What will life be like in 100 years? So far, even predicting what would life will be in the next 100 years is certainly a mystery to see.


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I’m So Mad About Being Scammed

There’s no easy money nowadays, unlike 20 or 30 years ago. Either you sweat to earn you money or rob a bank in an instant,  get away with it or be shot to death!

We all need money, who doesn’t?

Surely there are legitimately earn via online, but taking into consideration the insurmountable proliferation of scammers around the world. We don’t want our hard earned money to be taken away from these hoodlums in the net!

I was once scammed via another person I thought it was the person I trusted, I thought she was my sister working abroad likes to business with me via sending a prepaid card (using load) and its content and will be paid double the amount. Maybe I was attracted and interested I really thought I was texting was my sister. That same time my loan was approved thinking that kind of business was good. I don’t have any idea I was already completely succumbed to her trap (my fake sister). I hurriedly withdraw the money of about 5 thousand pesos, I keep on texting her that where will the money be sent after she received it. What she did tell me is to keep on sending her on the prepaid card number and pin no. Obliged, I gave everything she needs. It’s a good thing I wasn’t able to buy some because it’s out of stock from any convenience store near our place. So I decided to continue the next day, but my heart keeps on beating that something is wrong. I just brushed it off thinking she’s my sister.

It was morning going back to work, withdraw another 7 thousand pesos or more if the amount is correct, I brought more prepaid cards sending more card number and pin number. Then out of the blue I stopped after I gave her everything. I asked her where did she send the money and ask her if she knew my nickname and my real name! She did know my name but my name isn’t properly spelled! I told her right away that she gave back all mine that I have given her. That moment my heart sinks deep! I’m cold and perspiring. The money is gone. I was scammed! I was so mad that I can’t think right. I texted her back and ask for the card number and the pin to give it back to me. It was dark. It went dark and she’s happy with my almost 20K money of prepaid cards that she scammed!

I went home that night and asked my niece if she really knew that she’s texting is her mother or not. Unsure, she frowned, she said yes, it’s her mother. I took her cell phone, compare it with mine, there it was they are all damn have different numbers. My niece too was scammed because she thought her mother was the one asking for 100 or 200 pesos load. Reluctantly my niece obliged. I was so engrossed with it that I committed a big mistake and didn’t see the number or checked it out first before engaging in the business. From then on I’m so aware of many scams, even in text that bugged my cell phone. I’m so mad about being scammed, lesson learned.


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Left Alone

There are times when you are abandoned by the those whom you thought you can get help with. Of course, sometimes family is the one first to run too in case of unforeseen trouble, but not all the time you get can help with especially if they have a family of their own.

You’re alone now and it seems you are on your own that desperately needs somebody’s helping hand, but nobody’s around for you now. You are at your deepest solemn moment. You can’t be sure who to run to because maybe he/she will turn you down with nothing say or much to say about your miseries!

In nowadays things are really different from 2 or 3 decades ago. They will really put you down and asked about what the heck happened to you as if they’ve known you or your life since then. They will drag your name anywhere from you being gossiped about or in the social media as if your name is tainted with afflictions and hardships.

I don’t blame them for such an attitude towards another person, the problem is, what if these kind of predicaments will happen to them and ask help from you? What will you do? Torment them? Say bad things to them their life is cursed and tell them to their faces that we are even now? As for me, I don’t know for sure what I’m gonna say to them if this will happen to me.

I’ve been in a situation almost like this, but in a different setting,  I just keep on saying to myself that it always comes to pass, maybe they will forget our conversations ever happened. Most of the people I know back then either have nothing or almost gone down to being poor, however, with some blessing from God, they now have of their own which they don’t have when they were young.

Just the same, you are left alone when you are in your own low-spirited moment. The only thing you can do is to pray and let the day pass out and live again like it was never happened. Maybe, just maybe, there will come a time that it will be your turn to do something that they haven’t done yet and that is something that they don’t have that you don’t have to do wicked — in return that they have you depreciated  you for many years, you’ll never know.

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Casual Job

Finding a job nowadays is tiring, tedious and usually ending up for casual job, meaning you are a contract employee for 5 months. It’s better to have something than ending up in the street drinking beer, playing Luck 9 or anything that will turn into vices as times goes by without a job.

Graduating and graduate students alike are looking for their first job via online or newspaper’s Job section. They are hoping to get a job, have their first salary, pay the bills and hope for the best! It seems that is not the case in this freaking nation, all are having trouble looking for a job. They ended up working in a call center, of course a decent job too, the problem is you are working night shift for many months. The night seems day to you because your body will adjust to your designated time regarding your work. Most of the time you are awake since you need to attend to everyone’s call, etcetera.

Graphic designers like me is not immune to not finding a job. It took many years to be in a company where I can stay at least a year or two before embarking into another place to work with. The basis of me not getting the job is that they like yours to be a novice one since you are more experienced than who, just graduated and graduating students who are of course young, aggressive and can be trained that you can commend this future employee to be your b*#$h!

Though my occupation in the printing press as a graphic artist, I worked for different concept and designs that this job is no longer I longed for that in those days I’m aggressive, young and full of life. I’m not complaining anyway, I’m just being honest that I wish I could turn back the clock and be someone that I really like, to be a musician, but that doesn’t happen, it faded like any ordinary paper or petal of rose in my memory that I wish that I didn’t want to wish it all.

So the one who introduced this kind of temporary job I think was a former senator. I hope his relatives down the line didn’t experienced what other Filipino workers did, to have a casual job all their life!

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Can You Keep A Secret?

This has been the most basic thing to do when somebody ask you to do when we are kids (or adult perhaps?) “Can you keep a secret?”

When we were young we use to say this like if we guard it with our life or he/she may ask you to swear that you will never ever divulged the precious secret or you’ll be forever be not your friends anymore! Lol! Silly!

I can’t remember when was the last time someone told me a secret, can’t even remember what was that all about. All I know that there’s  this secret that this will never ever known to any of my colleagues and friends. Well, it’s been long gone now that I even now I don’t have the slightest idea what the secret was. Maybe I’m not used to keeping secret because I tend to forget what’s all about and I don’t even care about that particular secret. I think the secret will not be even revealed because I really can’t recall in the first place what the secret was or does it involve me or my friends or even my relatives. My thoughts on the secret is nothing but a gibberish garbage of some sort. Lol!

Sometimes I wonder what secret really means? Does it have to be two people involved, or more. or it’s you and your secret? Whatever it was, it remains secret as long that nobody knows what it is. Is it true that there are secrets to be revealed just for the purpose of knowing the secret can be of use for mankind, or for medicine, science, mathematical equations or whatever.

The secret can be a mistakes, infidelity, money, or whatever it is. Most secrets that I know of can be crucial to the character of one person because either one of us can be judgmental and rude. But it’s the same whether we have a secret or not, everybody has his/her own way of keeping that secrets whether bad or good!

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Relaxing Music

I don’t know for sure how would you do to relax or having a moment of some time and keep the energy up after all day of work or dong the household chore!

Since my place isn’t the best place to listen to relaxing music, I try other places for me to be relaxed and enjoy listening to music. I can’t afford to go for spa right now, I’m tight with my finances. All I did was to go to a place where kids are gathering together in one band and play, the internet cafe. That place is cool with no kids shouting even young men too, aren’t immune to shouting like they owned the place and for all they care if there’s anyone being annoyed with their shouting and other hullabaloo thing! Even you have a very relaxing music you feel stressed with these kids around, the reverberating sound echoed in your headset even though the sound is loud enough for you not to hear them shouting, but they their shouting can pierce the headset as they intentionally blurted out just for fun and cursing for whatever reason is unbearable.

Ah, it seems odd, but being in my office is a relaxing feeling because we are not that busy these past months so I have the time to listen to relaxing music and time to watch any film I want. First, I listen to Theta sounds just to keep my brain feeling relaxed. If I like to listen to classical music, I may do so or listen to U2, Tori Amos. I like Martin Nievera, Basil Valdez, and some our great Filipino singers.

I don’t know, not that I like to relax and listen to relaxing music, but I like my brain to reinvigorate that I appreciate listening to theta sounds these days. It’s alright if the sounds are a repetitive monotone sound, still, I like my brain to be shaken a little bit. Just for a change or even for trying something new. I just listen to theta for the last two weeks, I feel different and I don’t feel any placebo effect on me. It’s just I feel new. Is there something wrong with new experiences in my life? Like listening to theta perhaps? Which some of the listeners would like to impart a metaphysical thing in their listening pleasure, I don’t do that. Relaxing music can vary from different perceptions and culture, it could be listening to ocean’s passing wave, the rushing wind against the bamboo tree or whatever, it’s our choice on how we make a relaxing feeling listening to relaxing music, it is still our own freedom of choice to listen to.

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Subtle Joke

Is subtle joke a good joke or or not good at all.

We joke a lot when we were young or even now in our age. But sometimes joke can be funny or just to make you amuse. For whatever reason, we all do joke to our friends, family, or even a stranger we met.

Jokes are half meant as they say. If this is half meant joke, we could be in trouble in some ways. A lot of people take a joke as a joke, nothing more, nothing less, but to some people they take it seriously or not taking it lightly. There comes a time we tend to overboard our own premises to other’s territory that we forgot they too have their own problems of their own, with that particular joke that could lead either to laughter or glaring at you like a bull ready to fight!

Though I joke with lots of friends, but I try to be subtle not in any way I may hurt their feelings and their reputations. I see to it, they are still on the right tract that everybody is having a good time. I don’t joke like below the belt or even trying to hit his/her character I joke for the purpose of cracking the moment we are silent or just to keep the flow of conversing to others, not that awkward moment that everybody is stranger to each other.

When joking sees to it that everybody is ready for some fun and not just hit the joke where everybody is so serious that they can’t even decipher your horrid joke! Lol! It will cause distress in the group and might lead to nasty argument and breaking up a friendship or whatever. A subtle joke with a little bit of warm and agreeable feeling is not that hard to take, but a joke that is hitting you hard for no reason is really making a fuzz out of it. What if that joke turned on you, can you bear it?

Just Post It

Just post it!

Yes, nothing much to do except blog and post.

As if our posts will be read by many, maybe even like, comment or view.

Yes, just write the article you like, put a featured photo in it after reading, polishing, rewrite it, you can now publish it for the member to see as if the post wasn’t there at all by just merely watching your post like it was a chinaware  on display.

I think we are burning down when the “B” was in its prime. We are so eager to view, comment and like as if we are in desperate need to be on the front page of that site. Now all we need is a subject, a thesaurus, story, edit it, lastly post it. I don’t think anyone will even bother to read my blog because I seldom write for the past few months. I rarely write nowadays because I’ve been into Bitcoin and Forex (still working on it).

So for me to have my points increase, all I need to do is to post, continue posting no matter how insensible, my post is, still has its points and  making way up to the time you will have a payout. Funny, but it’s true.

Now, I still have time to post because today we have no work,  it’s a holiday. Their holiday not mine. I just like to work even though how routinely, boring and tedious it is.

I’ve been on this site for many months, but as I see nothing much have changed. When you look at the feed, you will see familiar members and their blogs. This will keep on and on and on like it was an ordinary thing to do, to blog.

Well, just post it. No matter how your blog was written, it’s still a blog for everyone to see or just passing by like browsing a site. Nothing much is going except staring at the title and read again some blog if you like and the next thing you know you just post the same we all do post our blog with nothing much to expect from each of us.

Just post it.

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Odd Day

There comes a time that there’s an odd day in your life.

Unexpectedly, you feel strange and awkward all the same.  You don’t know what’s going, but you keep on doing things that is new to you and that odd feeling continues to grow that you ask yourself what the heck is going on?

Yes, it can be embarrassing, but at the same time a new experience has emerged, making it personal journey that you can guard on or maybe it’s just part of being a human and growing up. Don’t know for sure why this odd days comes in a very strange ways. Odd because it haven’t occurred in your life before, that’s why. It’s like deja vu, but it’s not.

It can happen during the time when you feel happy then suddenly out of the blue it changes the mood, the feeling of being restless, not sure if  you like to continue to live with it or it will come to pass like a wind, sadly it was not.

I don’t know if that is part of being in the process of living or varying stages of changes in the physical aspect? Can’t say what it is but that feeling of feeling different or strange has captured our attention partly because we keep on changing that we feel like it’s really a strange thing to happen to us and it’s odd!

No matter how odd days we have during our lifetime here. We just keep on going. We can’t stop it, it’s there before we got into this world. Everything happens for a reason, that I think is most reassuring. We just have to face the fact that it has its own time when that moment come to us, but thankfully most of the time it’s not a major change in us. Maybe it’s just what most of us can adjust to that kind of feeling because we know we are survivor of being in odd situations, feelings, events, that it’s not a threat to our lives, culture, faith, etc.

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