Blog#10: Zentangle

Zentangle was a new word I had learned when I started doodling again. While searching online specifically on YouTube other people’s designs in doodling, I came along this term: Zentangle and I wonder what it was.


At first I thought it was just some term someone created for the patterns or specific doodling style but then I learned it was the term used for the art of doodling using different kinds of shapes and patterns.


It is more likely the same as doodling but it is more freestyle and that shapes are used repetitively in the entire page. I got really excited with it thinking that it is a freestyle stuff. I then started creating my own zentangle art and I don’t know if this can really be called a zentangle but I am considering it as one. It is super easy to do and only your imagination is the limit. As in you can do any thing and everything, what soever  makes you feel like doing. It’s more of an abstract art with patterns and it’s getting interesting and more interesting when you learn more patterns and shapes along the way.


While there will always be days when you can’t think of any shape or pattern to start with, what I usually do is to find inspiration in my environment like the flowers and leaves or maybe patterns which I can find in certain tshirt designs or dresses. It is in fact easy to find these in our surroundings.

Just like the one I had created above, they are made of flowers and leaves and the things that we normally see daily. I am quite contented with how it looked like although I know I still need more practice.

So let’s start doodling to the art of zentangle. It’s super fun and relaxing.


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