Sunset from the Skies

Both my husband and I love to watch sunrise and sunset. We feel like these time of the day are special and artistic not to mention romantic at the same time.

When hubby and I together with his colleagues traveled to Davao, we were all glad to witness our first sunset in the skies. It was a romantic way of traveling and I hope to find more chances of traveling from the skies with these same schedules so I can again witness the sun set.

image taken by my samsung s5

image taken by my samsung s5

I don’t know about you if you would find this amazing but each time my husband and I witness a sunset, we both feel really amazed, this happens literally every time. I know the beauty of sunset is mesmerizing but we can’t explain why we can’t get enough of it.

We had sunset in Bantayan Island, we ended our day in El Nido Palawan with a sunset view behind their wonderful islands during our island hopping, we also have watched together the sunrise in Oslob in my husband’s town as well as sunset at my home town along the shore of Bugnaw – Sei Beach with our silhouette photos but until now, we would still cherish every sunset and sunrise that we would get to see together.

image taken using my samsung s5

image taken using my samsung s5

While watching the sunset inside the plane on our way to Davao, my husband even thought of making fun of me by taking a photo from behind.

The effect of the sun rays was magnificent and since it looked like its giving me powers, he also asked me to place my hand over my head showing like I was doing some certain telekinesis ability.

I had fun though while he was taking the photo. I am glad no one caught us using my mobile phone while on air.

I am looking forward to our future chance of watching another sunset at the skies. I had taken some videos as a documentation of this experience.

Til next flying!




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