Parents Are Traveling Home!

Time flies so fast that I didn’t notice it’s just four days and my parents are both coming back home after spending their vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Two of my brothers are both working in Dubai and our eldest brother’s family is with them as well. My sister in law gave birth to a healthy bouncing boy last February of which was why my mama traveled first then papa went there last April 6 as well.

So, yeah time is super fast and they both had enjoyed their stay there with their grandchildren. They still have not taken the metro train in Dubai  because they usually travel by car so today, mama said they’ll try to hop in to check it. When I was still working in Dubai, the metro train is my best friend, everyday it takes me from home to work, everyday I get to have a view of Burj Khalifa and the entire city of Dubai.

Anyways, since they are indeed coming home, I have asked them to bring me some of my favorite stuffs from Dubai.

  1. Paratha – I don’t know if you are familiar with this, well perhaps my Indian friends here are quite familiar with it but its a kind of bread which is really cheap and I remember eating it whenever I am almost broke. My brother and I had added nutella and banana slices on it which turned out really good.
  2. Dates – This is an edible fruit which is really healthy and full of nutrients. Unfortunately, it is rarely sold here in the Philippines so I always ask them to buy packs for me. It is best to add this to my oat meals to add extra flavor and texture.
  3. Alokozay Green Tea – I drink coffee but I prefer tea. And I love Alokozay’s green tea but it isn’t available here in the country. So I also requesting them to buy me boxes of these. They are pretty cheap in Dubai so I guess they’ll be buying me four boxes!
  4. Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab Figurines – Well this is because I have not bought one and I regret not buying so now I am asking them to send me two of these figurines.

I am still thinking of the other stuffs of course chocolates are SOPs so I didn’t add them on the list.




Tuesday Travel Thoughts

I admit it, these past few days, I am not really into being active in bitLanders. The site had given me lots of headaches for the past days and I don’t want to go into details because I might get another headache again.

Today, I just did what I wanted without getting stressed with the buzzing thing in bitLanders. I woke up at six today, cooked breakfast, read a book and didn’t really open any of the online sites. I felt great and now that I am currently in the office, I went on and checked blogjob. It was under maintenance so I checked Facebook and bumped into this specific album labeled The Beauty of the Philippines.

It has a collection of places in our own country which are definitely worth sharing. Since the list of the places are long, I am just going to show here in my blog the places that I had been to while browsing on the album photos.

  1. Bohol Chocolate Hills
    I am from Bohol so this is the number one spot that is on my list. That’s hubby and his jumpshot
  2. El Nido Palawan

    Spent our seventh anniversary in El Nido, Palawan. So far our most unforgettable experience. El Nido is on top of our favorite places.
  3. Buho Rock Resort, Camotes Island Cebu

    An island in Cebu which has clear blue waters and pristine sea. Best for summer.
  4. Bantayan Island

    Another beautiful white sand beach in Cebu. Perfect for summer!
  5. Baguio City

    Spent our first wedding anniversary in Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines.

This had made my day so far. I am grateful that my husband and I are able to go to places at this age and personally witness the beauty of our country. I have dreams of visiting other countries too but I promised myself that I won’t be visiting other countries until I have seen the entire Philippines.

By June, we are looking forward to spend two days in Legazpi to personally see the great Mayon Volcano and next year, we are also going to Laoag!



bitLanders April Earnings + Not So Good Experience at SM Seaside

First and foremost, before I get to the not so good experience, let me just deal with the good news, the featured photo in this blog post shows my April 2016 month long earnings. This includes all the redemption made within this month of April received or not received, well only one is not yet received there since I had just redeemed that one dated April 30, 2016.

That’ a total of 85$ for April which is a bit higher compared to last month’s 70$. It isn’t that huge but it is still helpful because my husband and I get to add another set of dollars to our travel fund. I don’t really get to cash them out because I am keeping them for future travels. This June we are going to Legazpi for our advance 8th anniversary celebration as couples. We will celebrate our second wedding anniversary next year on February.

Traveling is one of our ways of de-attaching ourselves from the internet although we still go online but not that much compared when we are not traveling plus we will get to also take photos and learn meet new faces and new destination.


One of the books that hubby bought.  

On the other hand, tonight we had a not so nice experience at SM Cebu Seaside. We went there for dinner. Then I dragged hubby to the Supermarket after buying some books at National Bookstore, he by the way ended up buying three. So we were in the SM Supermarket and we got to buy more than what we really needed, I bought a gym long pants, a board shorts for hubby, he bought gardening tools and some sprout seeds and lastly, we just got ourselves a new cabinet which was on 20% discount sale.

While we were about to pay for these items, the woman before us asked for her items to be placed them inside her push cart. The “bagger” placed three paper bags (Cebu has a mandate that Saturday will be a no plastic day), there was another paper bag in the side of the bagger which contained the gym pants and the board shorts. I was not aware that the customer who just asked for her items took our item too since we were busy paying for it and the bagger was attending to his superior’s demands and went towards the customer service area which was a bit far from the teller. We were out of idea that the paper bag for two of our items has been taken already by the customer before us.


These were the exchanged items. The original item was of different color for the gym pants.

When we realized that, the bagger ran after the customer but couldn’t find her anymore. Both my husband and I were feeling really sorry about what happened since the items will be charged against the cashier and the bagger. Now that we are at home, we are praying that hopefully the customer who took the paper bag with our items would feel guilty and she’ll return the items back.

But both of us are also planning of returning back to SM Seaside after election to check if the items were returned. If not, we will give the amount back to the bagger and the cashier. We both feel that they were really victims like us in this incident.

That’s it and I am going to bed now.



bitLanders Update – 20$ Received!

Long overdue payment had finally arrived. This $20 payment composed of two redemption, each of them is $10 worth and one of the two was requested on the 19th of this month of April and the second one was four days ago. So it isn’t really normal that bitLanders paid me after more than a week, ten days specifically. I am a bit concerned as to why it has not arrived when it reached a week old but since bitLanders had been honestly paying me for the past two years, I can’t really complain. Not just yet. I have to be patient and that has now paid off, after ten days.

Anyway, I am glad it came as it is already the 29th of April and time flies so fast which means tomorrow is the end of April and I am going to tally my April bitLanders’ earnings.

I get really excited when sharing this. It makes me feel accomplished and sharing it to the community is not really about making me feel good that I had earned this amount or so although honestly I am definitely feeling great when looking at the amount earned but the main idea of why I am sharing it is the fact that it encourages the rest of the users.

Sometimes, I get tired writing blogs there because I would need to write more words, more flowery words specifically but I still enjoy it. I am going to stay until they would stop paying me. Lately, certain things had changed in the site and one effect that we as users felt about it is the base buzz score dropped six points and I guess it is really normal to feel broken hearted about it but then again, I have to just accept and move on even if it is a  bit hard to do so.

That’s it for now. Will share to you my April month earning tomorrow!




bitLanders Update – New Costume + Blog Review

Last night, finally I was able to buy the new costume which is a sporty one and was called Leather Racing Suit. It also comes with a Leather Racing Shoes but then I didn’t really buy that because I like the heels instead as my avatar looked really chick.

I also bought a White Racing helmet which fits my new costume! Both of these had earned me 2 direct power ups for each bitfashionista accessories.

Also one more thing which I had received was the new blog review of the blog I had written a few days ago regarding the Chat Survey which would earn all users double rewards. So if one gets a five star for the blog content rating, it would then be 30 direct power ups instead of 15 which will run for the next five days. I had been down in the leaderboard for a few days because my blog took time before it was reviewed but I was ok with it. I was earning 1GBM+ during those days and boy earnings is really slow.

But gladly, last night, I received 3GBM which is approximately equivalent to three dollars. I would be able to redeem in I guess three to four days in this matter. I still have a couple of blogs about the Chat Survey which I hope will receive its review as well in the next coming days. That promo runs only for a month so it would be great to take advantage of it. It’s a bit challenging to write blogs about the topic but I have to squeeze my mind and write for me to get double rewards which is really helpful in my buzz score.

One more thing, it was also a bit disappointing that after the reset last night and I had received my treasure box, my base buzz score had dropped from 165 to 159. I  am again feeling sad about it but life has to move on. After being heart broken because of the drop of daily limit here in blogjob, bitLanders also broke my heart for the minus 6 base buzz point.

Anyway that’s it for now.



Ateneo Lady Eagles Still Alive!

The Katipunan based ladies had soared again tonight after being defeated two sets to nothing in their second game for the best of three championship match for the UAAP Season 78 against their arch rival Taft based De LaSalle Lady Spikers. First set was an easy game for the ladies in green jerseys but they crawled to get the second set as the Ateneo Lady Eagles tried to almost take that set.

The Mall of Asia Arena had been full of 20k heads of fans from the two schools who had been the most anticipated teams for this league eversince. They had met five times for the championship and this year would be their tie breaker.

The third set was a do or die set for the ladies in blue jerseys and they had played “heart strong” and showed how it is to have a heart of a champion as they tried to steal that set from the Lady Spikers which really had worked!

In the fourth set, the Lady Eagles looked like energized and got their “heart strong” feels once again and drifted away from the close flight that they had with La Salle in the second set.

And finally, in the fifth set which is a deciding set. The three time Most Valuable Player, Alyssa Valdez had showed why she indeed deserve to be given the title for three straight seasons. She definitely carried her entire team in this match scoring a good 34 points!

image from abs-cbn sports and action

image from abs-cbn sports and action

It was all HEART, they gained their confidence back and lived for another match which will happen on Saturday in Araneta Coliseum for the final match which will be their last face off for this season. For sure it will have more audience numbers compared to today’s because today is a Wednesday and that’s a Saturday.

Let’s wait for the final match and see if Ateneo will defend and retain their title as champions or will Lasalle gain their Champion title back.



bitLanders Update – New Costume But Without Blog Review

Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno just posted a new blog regarding to their latest fashion collection. Just kidding. Each month or every two months, the administrators are providing us with new stuffs at the shop. If it isn’t accessories, it would be national costumes or dresses and then if they don’t have any national costumes available, they’ll be sending off sports attire.

However Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno was late in announcing it because last Sunday, everyone in bitlandia (as how we Filipinos call it) had already figured it out and some has even purchased them last Sunday. I on the other hand have not purchased it because of financial reasons. To buy the costumes, I have to have gems and gems are quite expensive. So I am just letting it pass this time and wait until my balance is enough for me to buy a new set of gems.

On the other hand, it has been a week since I had submitted the blogs which would help me increase my buzz score because these blogs are for the double rewards but then, it has not been reviewed so I guess I would have to wait again until it will be reviewed. I had withdrawn my earnings two days ago so I am left with no bitMiles points available in my account. Well, I am still working on certain blogs so I can submit them before the previous ones gets reviewed.

So, I hope to get my blog review soon and be able to buy gems again. I would really like to have that sporty costume so I can change costume this time with a cooler outfit. I have seen other users being able to buy these costumes and although I am a bit jealous about the costume, I can still live with my Indian Pure Silk Saree which my avatar is loving as well.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Oh and by the way, there’s a huge change in the bitLanders point system which won’t count the non rated contents however, as I have noticed, nothing much had been affected. Maybe the changes will be felt in a couple of days more.

I’ll keep you updated.



Laptop’s Back – Restore Point

It’s a nuisance that my laptop stopped working when I was about to do my weekend Overtime and it kept me wondering what caused the issue since I had not used it for days ever since we came from Bohol two weeks ago.

So yesterday my husband and I were both doing the best we can to get the laptop reformatted but it won’t detect the USB which has the installer ISO, three USBs were used for it but it won’t go through at all in the BIOS. We were both thinking what could be the issue and what has caused the BIOS not to detect all of the three USBs used. It was giving both of us headache so we both thought we can just let it go and do it the next day.

We surrendered last night and thought I should just use the original operating installer which I had used from the office. My ASUS laptop doesn’t have a DVD ROM and we had borrowed our office external DVD ROM to install my OS before.

This morning by the time I reached the office, I immediately looked for the external ROM and had gone to BIOS. Gladly, I can see that it has detected the external DVD ROM this time. I went on and selected it for priority boot.

Then after start, I selected the option of restoring the April 11 restore point. It took a good 30 minutes to restore this and I was not really that confident that the issue will be fixed but I just gave it a try since I don’t really want to reformat it because I had already installed a couple of applications.

After the restart, I am glad that it is back up and running this time. No lagging and it is perfectly working.

Thanks to the office’s external DVD ROM for getting it working again.




Blogging and Streaming

Laptop’s not in good shape and I don’t know what happened. Last time that I was able to use it was last week before going to Bohol. I brought it to Bohol but wasn’t really able to use it as it was my husband who had used it instead. The laptop had a history of lagging but it has disappeared after reformat process. But then after getting back to Cebu last Monday, I wasn’t able to use it as I was busy and I had been using my work computer instead with all my other online stuffs.

Today, after hubby came from Oslob, I then went to use the laptop but it has started to be a hassle again as it was lagging so much. I can’t even open the browser or any specific application. So I asked hubby to reformat it again but this time the issue is that it is not detecting the USB installer. We had tried using different USB drives already but it is still not detecting it. Because of this, I wasn’t able to work with blogjob earlier.

Gladly, the last Philippine Presidential Debate had started earlier and both my husband and I were streaming it. Since hubby’s desktop has a dual screen, I asked him if I can use the other screen instead so I am gladly posting this right now.

The current debate which is still running right now is not the same as the other previous debates as the hosts are able to control the responses of the presidential candidates. The questions were really straight to the point while the candidates are able to move forward to the next questions unlike the previous debates.

I like that it is Karen Davila who is part of the hosting of this debate since she is really strong and firm in her questions and hosting. So it is still rolling right now and I will continue watching while blogging.

Hopefully the laptop’s going to be fixed tomorrow as I will be bringing it to the office so I can try to reformat it using the external CD ROM from the office.



Ateneo Lady Eagles Behind One Match for Finals

Arch rivals Ateneo Lady Eagles and De Lasalle Lady Spikers had again met for the fifth time for the finals in the UAAP Season 78.

Both teams had earned two championships in the past four years and so each of them is wanting to get their tie breaker record. Both teams had been seeing each other for the past five years and this year, it is indeed a headliner ever since the elimination round. They are the most anticipated match and each single time that they would be facing each other, thousands of viewers would flock towards the venue to support their teams.

On the first elimination round, the Lady Spikers had ended the winning streak of the Lady Eagles ever since the last season. It was a three set match all in favor of the Lady Spikers. But on the second round of the elimination, the Lady Eagles won the five setter match. It was a bitter sweet revenge but the Taft based team had learned a lot with the loss that they had experienced.

Today’s game was a heart breaking one for the Ateneo side as their first encounter for this season was repeated. It was like a dejavu where they had given the three sets to the Lady Spikers. In fairness to the Taft based squad, they had definitely dominated the game although they were down on the start of each sets, they were able to get back and win the three straight sets. I would like to state that their blockings and floor defense was almost perfect!

On the other side, the Lady Eagles’ setter, Jia Morado had actually injured herself a day before the game. As per her, it was something which the team don’t have to worry about but then she is promising that it will be better on the second game which will happen on Wednesday.

This is a best of three to earn the championship and De Lasalle Lady Spikers are now up by one leaving Ateneo Lady Eagles behind. Will they be able to gain the next two matches? We will see.