Jummah Mubarak

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Hey friends!

How are you?

I hope you all are fine.

I am fine too.

What is going on?

Today I would share the most important topic with you.

First of all,


Jummah is the sixth day of islam.

Jummah time is the special time when the prayers is offered at the specific time.

Friday is the special days in all.

We can say the King of the week. At this day people feel good and special. At the fruday we should send Darood pak to Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. There are a lot of blessings on this day. God fullfil all prayers. We have to read Darood Sharif more on this day.

There are sunnah of this day

Clipping nails.

Take bath.

Dress well.

Do Maswak.

Apply Surma.

Read Surah Al Khaf.

There are a lot of blessings of Al Khaf.

We should recite it on every friday.

Hadith is.

When the friday comes at every door of the Masjid there stands angel who write name of the people who come first who comes next. When Imam sits down, the records closed and they come to listen to the reminder. I.e The Khutba.

Hazrat Muhammad Sallah Lahu alahi wasalam suggest every muslim to recite Surah Al Khaf so that he can get rid of the Fitnah of Dajjal.

Rasul Sallah Lahu Alahe wasalam is reported to say that,

Recite Darood upon me In abundance on the day Of Jummah since they are represented to me.

(Ibn e Maja)

Jummah is known to be weekly eid of the day.

Jummah prayer is known as Congregational Prayers. It is one of the great gathering of people. Giving your charities on Jummah keep more important than giving charity on another day.

So, we should offer Jummah prayers and never miss it at any condition.

Thank You.