There’s a spider in my bonsai tree

I’m not a big fan of spiders but I try not to let them frighten me too much either. It’s just as well, because there seem to be a lot of them climbing around among the branches of my bonsai trees lately, and if I let fear get the better of me, I’d never get any work done on my little trees.

Spider hanging from a branch of one of my bonsai trees.
Spider hanging from a branch of one of my bonsai trees.

I came across this one a couple of days ago when I went outside to fetch one of my trees that needed pruning. He was a bit bigger than the ones that I’ve seen in my other trees lately, so I spotted him immediately and tried my best to get him out of the tree before I brought it inside, attempting to pick him up with a wooden stick that I keep handy in my bonsai area for such emergencies. Unfortunately he wasn’t keen to cooperate with me and disappeared among the leaves.

Although I felt a bit uncomfortable knowing he was there, I was forced to get on with the job at hand. I needed to write a blog post about that tree, so the work had to be done.

That might have been the end of the story, but after I’d photographed the tree I noticed that I’d planted it at a bad angle in its pot, so I took it out and corrected it. Although I used the original photo for my blog post, the next day I decided to get a better photo for my records. And there he was, seemingly hanging in mid-air, though he was actually suspended from some very thin webs he’d spun in the branches of my tree.

As my work was done, I was happy to let him stay were he was, but I got a quick shot of him before I took the tree back outside.

3 thoughts to “There’s a spider in my bonsai tree”

  1. It may be true that many spiders are harmless but when I see a web, if it’s in my house, it has to go! If it’s outside, I’m not bothered by it, unless I find out it’s deadly. Then it’s got to go! 🙂

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