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Motives Havana Social

This Spring/Summer 2015 gear up for romantic rhythms, vibrant colors and the height of glamour with Motives Cosmetics sexy and sultry Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The collection will feature Motives Cosmetics’ new packaging of their already amazing products as well as some new products!! havanasocialmotives

Some of the New products to look  forward to thing Spring and Summer include:

Motives All Day Liquid Stick shockWave

This one is just one of the very vibrant and beautiful colors of the new line. The Motives All Day Liquid Stick are High-shine, full coverage color with extended long-wear for irresistible lips. A creamy formula for all day comfort, this innovative lip lacquer provides the brilliance of a gloss with the color impact of a lipstick. The new line will carry six sultry and sexy shades of the liquid stick, including, High Voltage (pictured), Ravish,Seduction, Shock Wave, Sultry, and Tantalize. All six are currently available on MotivesCosmetics.com   Which is your color?

New Motives Pressed Eye Shadows, the Spring/Summer collection includes 5 sexy shades which include

Motives Pressed eyeshadow-- Stylee Hot new Spring/Summer shade
Motives Pressed eyeshadow– Stylee
Hot new Spring/Summer shade



Heat Wave
Heat Wave
Stunning Wildflower
Stunning Wildflower


Aren’t these colors just beautiful??? Like always these shadows are crease proof and made from natural materials. The shadows come at a great price of $12.50/shadow. That is a fraction of what MAC and Bobbi Brown charge!!



The Havana Social Spring/Summer collection also includes some sexy new pressed blushes. Motives Pressed blushes are a velvety-smooth pressed powder that guarantees a year-round healthy glow brightening up any complexion! The two stunning colors in this collection include :


Dreamsicle pressed blush- Motives Havana Social
Dreamsicle pressed blush- Motives Havana Social
Poppy passion pressed blush-motives havana spring/summer collection
Poppy passion pressed blush-motives havana spring/summer collection

Aren’t these colors gorgeous??

Want to learn more about the Motives Havana Social Spring/Summer Collection?? Watch this Video:

To get the Collection Shop HERE

Why Motives??

Hi Beauty fans!!

If you have been following my blogs , you might be wondering why I love motives so much?? Well there are several reasons for why I support Motives Cosmetics. Read on to find out why.

The founders CARE about YOU

Most cosmetics lines just care about making a profit, but with Motives Cosmetics, they actually care about the consumer AND help the consumer become a Motives representative. Loren Ridinger created the line so that the average woman (or man) would have the opportunity to build a successful business from the things she loves the most, (makeup), and what woman doesn’t love makeup? Or at least skincare products to help her feel and look younger more naturally??

High Quality Makeup at Affordable Cost

Everyone knows the “cheap” makeup usually comes at cheap quality, which is why brands like Clinique, shisheido, Bobbi Brown and MAC have done so well in the cosmetics market, despite their high prices. People WANT quality make up to put on their face, not some cheap drugstore brand. With Motives, you get the best of both worlds, a high quality make up (comes from the same manufactures as the high end brands without the high cost). The reason is simple, Motives does not pay to have their product in stores (high over head costs) or for advertising. Yet, they rely on individual motives representatives to build their motives business to sell their products, this makes the products more affordable to the end user (you the consumer).

Motives allows you to build a business

If I have not convinced you enough to try Motives, this last one should do it. You are already buying make up (or know someone that is), why not build a business from products that you already purchasing? No matter how much money you make, there is SOME make up product that you buy at least monthly.

Want more info on Why Motives? Watch this https://youtu.be/0UAFuevKmEk

Halloween look to create in Minutes

Halloween is tomorrow, and if you do not have a costume already, you can still dress up with this look created by the wonderfully talented Aurora on Youtube. Here’s her video :


With only a few products and some creative spirit,you two can create this look. Are you daring enough to try this look at home?

Products used:

Motives Cosmetics Gel eyeliner in little black dress
Motives Cosmetics khol eyeliner in "angel"
Motives Cosmetics khol eyeliner in “angel”
Motives Mavens Element Palette
Element Box Palette, eye shadow color “Raven” Element box palette, eye shadow color “Aubergine” Motives Mavens Element Palette
Motives cosmetics Liquid eyeliner in Noir
Motives cosmetics Liquid eyeliner in Noir
Motives Cosmetics Glitter transparent adhesive



Motives Cosmetics glitter pot in "ignite"
Motives Cosmetics glitter pot in “ignite”



Motives Cosmetics Lustrafy High definition Mascara in Midnight blue








Creating your own creative does not have to be as complicated as you think, using Motives cosmetics, which is a versatile make up line that provides costume makeup quality and pigments, you too can create a look just like the pros!

For more “get the look” tutorials with step by step directions you can find them over at Motivescosmetics.com/socialmall

The team of Motives Mavens have created some incredible looks for you to create yourself. Every girl deserves to look her very best with some makeup.

With motives cosmetics you can be sure that you are wearing hypo-allergenic and paraben free makeup. Some of those over the counter makeups, contain some harsh chemicals that do not belong in your makeup, yet alone on your skin.

Not only are motives cosmetics made with the highest quality of ingredients, the price point is right there with MAC’s price point. Oh and some of MAC’s makeup contains these harmful ingredients. Just how does Motives do it?

Well, for one Motives does not spend money on advertising nor do they spend to have their product displayed in shelves. They rely on Motives consultants across the globe to promote and sell the products, paying a very generous commission as well. Therefore, Motives has more money spent on the product research than they do on advertising.

Looking for some extra income and love makeup? Contact me to find out more on becoming a Motives Cosmetics, we have free trial programs starting very soon 🙂

Fall Look with Motives

The leaves are starting to drop, the coffee chains have premièred their Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and the kids are back in school. This can only mean one thing, Fall is Coming!! Funny how the Pumpkin Spice Latte premièred during summer, but why wait?

If you haven’t started shuffling through your wardrobe yet and adding those fall colors and sweaters, you may want to change up your makeup look with some Fall looks this upcoming Season. Fall is about the colors of autumn, the leaves, which usually lead to brown tones. If you need some help on that Fall Season look, you better check out Motives Cosmetics’ latest video on what’s hot this coming fall before its too late! Here’s a Sneak Peek!!


Motives “Fall Nights Glam” by @elymarino

Fall Nights Tutorial:

First off, you will need products: This look uses

Okay, now that you have products lets begin the steps!! 🙂

Motives Secret Moments

Step 1: Using the Motives Secret Moments Palette, choose the lightest shade on your brow bone. Apply the orange shade above your crease.

Step 2: Apply the blue shade in the crease and blend

Step 3: Apply the silver shade on the lid keeping it below the crease

Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Onyx

Step 4: Take the Motives pressed Eye shadow in Onyx and apply on the outside corner making a V-shape into the crease.

Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress

Step 5: Line your eyes with Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress

Motives Paint Pot in Vogue

and Finally Step 6: For some fun shimmer, add Motives Paint pot in Vogue underneath the lower lash. For a day look,leave off the shimmer (and apply at night)

And that’s it! 6 easy steps and you got yourself a Glam Fall Nights look (or 5 steps for a day look)

What do you think of this look? Will you try it?

Please comment and share!! 🙂

Stay Beautiful!!

Join My Party! :)

filling-in-sparse-eyebrows-using-the-brow-kit-and-eye-baseMotives Cosmetics just gets better and better with each day! At the recent Convention they launched an Incredible feature that allows Users to create their own Party from the comfort of their home (virtually). Yes, that’s right…its a Virtual Makeup Party. The cool part? Hosts can receive profit and Free Products! This is just another reason why I love Motives Cosmetics! Not to mention the Products are FABULOUS!! Can you say Shisheido quality at MAC pricing?? Yup! That’s what Motives is!! High-quality cosmetics at MAC pricing or sometimes lower 🙂

Check out my First Online Party https://www.motivescosmetics.com/party/motives-end-of-summer-bash/1057


If you want to create your own party, please let me know. It’s 100% Free, 0 product to stock up on. Earn Money and Free Products!

See everyone at the Party!!! 🙂

Another great Tutorial using #MotivesCosmetics

The incredibly talented and beautiful @ElyMarino created this beautiful look using all #MotivesCosmetics. What do you think?


Blue with a pop of purple pictorial
1.Begin by applying “Birch” (mavens palette) underneath the brow bone! Taking “Vino” Apply in the crease and blend till there are no harsh edges

2.Taking “Raven” (mavens palette) apply in the outer “V” and sweep in the crease! Blend!!

3.Using “MoonLighting” pigment pat over the entire lid keeping underneath the crease

4.Using “Little Black dress gel liner“apply onto the water line! Smudge out using Raven, Moonlighting, Naughty Mauve and to highlight the inner corner use Allure” paint pot! Making sure to slightly over lap each color to get a nice transition between colors

5.Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes


Pretty pretty..what do you think?

Another Beautiful Tutorial by Ely Marino


Get this stunning look by the Incredible @ElyMarino with these easy steps:


Get the look:
1. Start by applying “Native” (Motives Mavens palette) slightly above the crease.
2. Taking Motives for La La Shimmers in “Moonlighting,” (omg..this color is beeeautiful!) place on both inner and outer corners of the eye! And connecting them in the crease!
3. Pat Motives Paint Pot in “Marshmallow” right in the center of the lid, blending the edges into the blue.
4. Apply Motives Gel Eyeliner in “Amethyst” to the waterline and smudge out with Motives for La La Shimmers in “Naughty Mauve” underneath the lower lash line.
5. Taking “Naughty Mauve” once again apply on both inner and outer corners of the color “Marshmallow” to help tie in the whole look! Apply your winged liner using Motives Gel Eyeliner in “Little Black Dress.”

What do you think of this look?

If you love it and want to find more looks by the Incredible @ElyMarino find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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