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Some Simple Ways to Save $$$

In today’s economy everyone is trying to save a few dollars here and there.  Sometimes we have to cut out some things in our life because of lack of funds. If you are in need of saving some dough or just like to save  a dollar when you can, here’s a list of things you can do to save some serious dough this Holiday season and in the future:



Invest in a Coffee Maker

Instead of buying that Expensive Coffeehouse Coffee everyday, make your own. Coffee makers can range from $20-$100 and up, depending on how fancy you want. If you drink coffee every day even the expensive one will pay for itself overtime.

Make it a Movie Night-In instead of OUT

Going to the Movies can really add up, its not getting any cheaper either. Movies from Netflix or renting from Redbox can be done for pennies, plus what’s more romantic than watching a movie with just your boo without that annoying young teenage couple texting and showing way too much PDA in the movies?

Start Eating at HOME

Eating out is not only not healthy for your, the cost associated can really add up. When you cook at home, you can control the ingredients in your meals plus make a whole meal for less than ONE meal in a restaurant. Exchange just one day per week at first for eating at home vs. going out can make a huge difference.

Check Online for Deals before you go out to the store to buy

Nowadays, it is so easy to get the best price for the product that you need. Just go to a Search site like, before you hit the store to find the very best deal on that product you are searching for.

Choose a Vacation place that is within Driving distance to your Home, instead of  flying.

Road trips can be great bonding time for you and your family, besides airfare can really add up the more tickets you have to buy. And its not getting any cheaper either!! There are plenty of locations within driving distance to where you live, just start googling and exploring your own “backyard”.

What do you think of these tips on saving some green this Holiday season?

A Guide to Healthy Living


The more weightloss related Blogs you read, the phrase “Healthy Living” comes up a lot , and I admit I use it a lot too. Just what does it actually mean though to live a healthy life? Here are some tips on living a healthy life. Ready?

Make a To-Do List

Before you go to sleep, make a To-do list for the next day. (This is something I myself need to get in a habit of), but it has been studied that Healthy and Successful People make To-do lists and stick to them. The best time to make this list is at the end of the day when you are winding down and getting ready for sleep. It helps your refresh, and also helps you wake up in morning. Since you’ll have something to look forward to.

Make sure you schedule some Exercise in.

If you schedule your exercise, you are more likely to do it, rather than if you say “if I’m not too tired”. Instead, schedule it in the morning  before you head to the office. Get up an hour early if you have to. Haven’t exercise in a while? Start slow, by going for a walk. Not a morning person? Go with your kids and/or significant other after work/school. A Family that Exercises together, stays together!! 😉

Plan your meals Ahead of time

To eat Healthy throughout the day (especially during the work hours), plan your meals, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients at home to avoid eating out. If you do have to eat out or have that splurge,make sure eat healthy, use these Tips on eating Healthy at Restaurants. Eat lots of Fruit and Vegetables 

Go Shopping on either Sunday or Monday (if your schedule allows)

On Monday, the food at the grocery store is the freshest, so if you can make it to the store on a Monday, go shopping on Monday, if not go on Sunday to stock up for the week. Don’t buy too much food that will spoil.

Limit the Soda and other Sugary Drinks

Soda has way too many empty calories in it that is so bad for you on so many levels. By just eliminating Soda from your diet you can drop tons of pounds (if you’re a regular Soda drinker). Soda is high in Sugar, chemicals and causes tooth decay. Just stay away from Soda. Instead, drink Seltzer water flavored with fruit or Iced tea that is unsweetened. One cup of coffee a day is okay as well (just go easy on the sugar)

Keep a Journal

If you are trying to lose weight, keeping a journal will help you attain your goals. Also, share with a friend or a coach that guides you will also help you achieve your Weightloss goals.

Do you have any other Healthy Living tips you would like share? Please do!

Are these tips Helpful ?


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How to Make your Own Latte

As we are inching closer to Fall time, nothing is better than sitting by the fire and enjoying a Delicious Latte or Mocha from a Coffeehouse. Getting your Speciality coffee drink from a Fancy Coffee House chain is all fun and games, but the cost (and Calories) can add up quick. Plus there’s nothing better than making your “own” drink, heck that way you can’t yell at the College-student Barista for putting too much milk or too much sugar…

Making your Own Latte Really isn’t that hard,  of course getting the Espresso Machine can be a bit of an expense, but there are deals you can find and with all the competition, the prices are coming down on the “older” machines. Espresso  Machines can range from $60-$2000 and up. Here’s one on the low-price range of $75 from Sears image__175x175__.


Now that you have your Espresso Machine, lets make that Latte!! 🙂 You will Need, your favorite brand of Espresso , you can try My favorite (Marley Coffee Espresso Roast). You will also need your favorite type of Milk (I like Soy), but Whole or Almond Milk is also good. If you want your Latte you can use sugar or one of those liquid sugars from Starbucks or your favorite Coffee house. All coffee houses sell their liquid sugars by the bottle, usually ranges from $10-$15/bottle on average. Okay now that you have all your ingredients, lets make that coffee!!

Step 1: Pour espresso beans in your Espresso Machine (where it says to put the beans), make sure you read the directions for your unique espresso machine.

Step 2: Heat up your milk , using a small heat-proof container. (you can also use the mug you will be using for your coffee drink). Heat milk to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, using a food thermometer to measure.

Step 3: When milk is almost done heating up, push button to pour espresso in your espresso glasses/cups.

Step 4: If you’re having sugar, put the sugar in your mug. Then pour espresso in mug, pouring milk over espresso (for macchiato style, poour milk first then shots on top. )

Step 5: Using a spoon, scoop one scoop of the foam to top. Top with cinnamon for for your liking.

Enjoy your tasty drink!!


Well there you have it. Now go impress your friends with your coffee-making skills. 🙂

How do you like your coffee? Sweet or bitter?

Pretty Purple Eye Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a tutorial, so here’s another one that I just love!! As you know by now, I love Purple and purple eyes are just so magical. What do you think of this one?  by Aurora_Amor por el maquillaje using ALL Motives!


Get the look:
-Eye Shadow base
-Pressed eye shadow in BLIZZARD on brow bone
-NATIVE eye shadow from Element Box palette as transition color on the crease and below lower lashes
-Pressed Eye Shadow in HOT CHOCOLATE defining the crease & lower lashes
-Pressed Eye Shadow in FANTASY on both sides of mobile eyelid
-Khol eyeliner in COFFEE lining waterline
-Gel eyeliner in LITTLE BLACK DRESS on top lashes
-Lala Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening mascara in BLACK on top and lower lashes


Get all the Products Here


What do you think? Are you going to try this look at home? Post your pics if you do!! 🙂


Join My Party! :)

filling-in-sparse-eyebrows-using-the-brow-kit-and-eye-baseMotives Cosmetics just gets better and better with each day! At the recent Convention they launched an Incredible feature that allows Users to create their own Party from the comfort of their home (virtually). Yes, that’s right…its a Virtual Makeup Party. The cool part? Hosts can receive profit and Free Products! This is just another reason why I love Motives Cosmetics! Not to mention the Products are FABULOUS!! Can you say Shisheido quality at MAC pricing?? Yup! That’s what Motives is!! High-quality cosmetics at MAC pricing or sometimes lower 🙂

Check out my First Online Party


If you want to create your own party, please let me know. It’s 100% Free, 0 product to stock up on. Earn Money and Free Products!

See everyone at the Party!!! 🙂

Another great Tutorial using #MotivesCosmetics

The incredibly talented and beautiful @ElyMarino created this beautiful look using all #MotivesCosmetics. What do you think?


Blue with a pop of purple pictorial
1.Begin by applying “Birch” (mavens palette) underneath the brow bone! Taking “Vino” Apply in the crease and blend till there are no harsh edges

2.Taking “Raven” (mavens palette) apply in the outer “V” and sweep in the crease! Blend!!

3.Using “MoonLighting” pigment pat over the entire lid keeping underneath the crease

4.Using “Little Black dress gel liner“apply onto the water line! Smudge out using Raven, Moonlighting, Naughty Mauve and to highlight the inner corner use Allure” paint pot! Making sure to slightly over lap each color to get a nice transition between colors

5.Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes


Pretty pretty..what do you think?

Another Beautiful Tutorial by Ely Marino


Get this stunning look by the Incredible @ElyMarino with these easy steps:


Get the look:
1. Start by applying “Native” (Motives Mavens palette) slightly above the crease.
2. Taking Motives for La La Shimmers in “Moonlighting,” (omg..this color is beeeautiful!) place on both inner and outer corners of the eye! And connecting them in the crease!
3. Pat Motives Paint Pot in “Marshmallow” right in the center of the lid, blending the edges into the blue.
4. Apply Motives Gel Eyeliner in “Amethyst” to the waterline and smudge out with Motives for La La Shimmers in “Naughty Mauve” underneath the lower lash line.
5. Taking “Naughty Mauve” once again apply on both inner and outer corners of the color “Marshmallow” to help tie in the whole look! Apply your winged liner using Motives Gel Eyeliner in “Little Black Dress.”

What do you think of this look?

If you love it and want to find more looks by the Incredible @ElyMarino find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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