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Discover the Power of Yoga


Yoga is a wonderful activity that we ALL need. Yes, ALL of us, including the Males! Yoga helps us relax our mind, body and soul and feel at ease in the moment. Some days I just don’t feel like like “working out”, but I still try and find a Yoga Class to attend. After attending yoga I feel energized and refreshed and ready to take on the world! There’s just something so powerful about Yoga.

And no, I’m not a rubber band that you twist and bend in all sorts of directions. There’s no need to do that with yoga anyway.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to do all the moves the first time, Practice makes Perfect remember? Keep going to Yoga, you’ll get better and feel so good afterwards!!!

Are you a Yog-ey?



How Stress Affects Your Hair

Hi Lovelies!

We all have it, stress of work, family, bills the kids,what to cook for dinner, how it turned out , the list goes on. Busy hectic schedules causes STRESS.


When we are stressed we tend not to eat as healthy as we should be eating, our diets start to slack, our exercise goes out the window; when Ironically you should be exercising when you’re stressed. However, not only will Stress cause health-related problems like heart conditions and other sicknesses and diseases; stress will also damage your hair.

Our hair needs nutrients, which we get from the foods we eat. If we aren’t putting the right foods in our body, our hair will suffer. If you lose more than your 100 strands a day, you should consult your Doctor. Your Doctor will probably tell you that you need more B12, Zinc, and Iron in your diet.

You can also try to treat it topically by using thickening shampoos, like FIXX thick-hair shampoo for example. If you want to add even more Volume, you can try one of our Fabulous 100% Remy Clip-On Hair Extensions.

Stress can also cause you to get Grey hairs, ever notice how the President of the United States always leaves office with more grey hairs than when he came in office; stress.


Unfortunately, there is no “cure” to get rid of Grey, all you can do is Cover it. You can try using Permanent colors, which can have harmful side effects to your hair; depending on which Color you choose. Or you can go the easy route and try one of our Extensions and cover your Grey in a SNAP! Request your FREE sample HERE.

Once you’re a Ready to purchase your Fab Clip-On Remy’s, enter Code JcelebS for your Special 10% off!! 🙂

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any tips to help the grey/hair loss?

Relax. Calm. Enjoy

Stay Beautiful!!

Do you need an Afternoon pick me up?

With our busy schedules, it’s not un-common for most Adults to grab that Afternoon coffee, 5 hour energy drink or sugary snacks to get us through the day. Then you crash 10 minutes after you have it…doesn’t seem like a good option. Not only do these energy products/coffee drinks have too much calories, sugar; the cost can add up quickly! There is a better  and cheaper way! It’s called Awake Energy Shots! They’re delicious!



hasa13198Try it here

(If you click the Link you can see the chart better)

How do you stay awake in the Afternoon?

5 Refreshing Drinks for Summer

Summer is here..which means we are turning on the A/C, fans anything to stay cool. The best way to stay cool…is you guessed it…from the inside!! Having Cool Refreshing beverages throughout the day will help your body stay hydrated and cool. And, no that Ice-cold Frappuccino will not keep you hydrated..sorry.! It will actually cause dehydration from the excess sugar and coffee. Here’s a video from the fabulous Joanna Soh, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. (


Which drink do you like the best? Do you have any other refreshing beverages that you like to have to keep cool, please share 🙂


How to be Summer Glam

One of my favorite Cosmetic Instagram inspirations is @HelloFritzie, in this video she shows us how to get that “Summer Glam Look” the perfect way. Watch here:




What do you think of the tutorial, gonna try the look?


Also Check out @HelloFritzie’s Instagram channel for more demos.


How to Beat Stress

Having Stress is common among most Adults these days. Some of the Causes of Stress are due to Workload, job security, Money and Time.

Studies also show that 85% of the stuff that we worry about actually never happens, and an additional 80% of us say that when the worst does happen, we handle it better than we thought we would. So stop the Stressing, go out and enjoy the Fresh air, talk to a friend, listen to music, have a good laugh. These things are said to help you feel less stressed and people who do these things live longer happier lives.

stress-infographic (click on graphic to enlarge)

New Healthy Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies..that are Gluten and Almost Sugar free
Chocolate Chip Cookies..that are Gluten and Almost Sugar free


A friend of mine shared this recipe with me and it sounded delicious! Here it is:

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 scoops TLS vanilla protein powder, 1/2 cup organic peanut Butter, 1/2 cup almond butter, 1/2 tsp baking soda, chocolate chips if you wish

Steps:  Form into cookie shape then add chocolate chips on top if you wish

Bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

These are not sweet so you can add 1/2 cup applesauce if you want them sweeter

I love them because it’s guilt free snacking! Full if protein and fiber with the TLS powder. It has 10 grams of fiber per serving!


What do you think of these cookies? going to try it?

Breaks are always good

Sometimes we need to slow down a bit and listen to our bodies, and just BREATHE. Hmm..maybe some Yoga influence?

Listening to our bodies when we have falls, injuries or struggles is important for success. Yes Success! True success doesn’t always have to be go, go, go! In fact, the most successful people take the most vacations…

This morning I was about to go for my usual workout, when I noticed my shoe was rubbing against my ankle (bad choice of socks) was extremely painful and started to bleed..instead of just going to workout…I listened to my body and decided to just take a rest day. It’s all for a reason and I don’t regret it. Yes, I’m sad that I missed my favorite Zumba class of the week….but there’s always next week. Now, am I not going to be active today? No, just had a minor detour in my daily routine today. It’s okay, change is GOOD, forces me to keep focusing the main picture.

Tomorrow’s a new day! Always keep going and learn from yourself.


How often do you take breaks?

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