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Sitting at Your Computer is straining..

We have all probably heard this, sitting at a computer all day can ruin your muscles, make you gain weight , cause carpel tunnel syndrome and so on and so on.  And it is true, sitting at a computer all day can strain your muscles and give you poor posture, it can cause back pain, wrist pain, leg pain, all sorts of pains. So how do you deal if your job demands you sit at a computer all day??


Unfortunately, with technology taking over, there is not much we can do to prevent from sitting at a computer, However, we can try to sit more correctly, but sitting up straight and not slouching over. Also, taking frequent but short breaks will help your eyes re focus, as well as help your body get less tense.

There are also other things outside of work you can do. After you are finished with work, try heading to the local gym for a Yoga class, or just getting in some type of exercise in will help your muscles not get tensed up and tight.

While you are on the clock, try standing to get some work done, choose a desk that is comfortable to sit and stand at or if laptops are an option take your work with you to a nearby standing desk. Ask your boss for  a more ergonomic chair (if it is in budget), or bring your own if you can.

Unfortunately, we can not get away from the computer, but there ARE ways we can help prevent the strain. Walking around the office and making some casual conversation with your co-workers will not only get you well known throughout the office, it will help your muscles relax throughout the day. Just try not to get the conversation too personal and keep it work focused as much as possible, you do not want to get in trouble with your boss!!

Do you have any tips on how to keep your posture at work?


Eating Healthy doesn’t have to Cost $$$

There is a Social Media rant by an Overweight woman claiming “she does not have the funds to eat healthy and go to the gym”. She goes on saying gym memberships are expensive and healthy food is out of her budget.

I call BS on this! (excuse my language), but really, eating healthy IS affordable and there is no need to go to the gym in order to lose weight. If you really want to lose weight you will find a way. This is just another excuse by someone trying to get more tax dollars.

Besides, buying produce at the Grocery store is cheaper than buying junk food sold on the “aisles” . Heck even cookies, candies and cakes get expensive. It is all about budgeting and being smart. Making excuses by saying “you don’t have money to eat healthy” is just bogus and will never help you lose weight..

Losing weight starts with your mind, if a person really wants to live healthier they will. They will obtain free advice to eat healthier on a budget. There is plenty of information out there on how to do so, especially with the web being free.

Eating junk food should be the “luxury”  any way. Its the junk food that causes the Health problems which cause your costs to increase. Eating Healthy on a Budget is actually really easy to do. Here’s an example of some “low cost” healthy meals:

Breakfast: Nonfat or soy yogurt (usually on sale for $1 or less each), but in bulk, even less, Have a Banana with it as well. Less than $2 for 6 of them

Lunch: Bread (bought from the “reduced” aisle is still fresh, especially if you keep in fridge) and lunchmeat

Dinner: Chicken with vegetables (or wheat pasta and vegetables)

Its doable to eat healthy on a budget, if you put your mind to it.

Do you agree with me on this?


How to have beautiful skin


Looking beautiful is not all about how we apply our make-up . It all starts from within our bodies, as well as taking care of our skin. Our skin is make up with a ton of little cells that are so delicate, we must take care of . It is important to wash your face twice a day, once when you wake up in the morning and once before you go to sleep.

There are many different skincare lines out there on the market, of course like all things, not all of them are created equally. We are all different and have different needs, which is why there are so many different kinds of lines out there. I will start with one that is Luxurious yet  comes from All Natural materials. It is called Lumière De Vie, which was created by Amber Ridinger. She created this line because she was so frustrated that none of the other skincare lines were good for her skin. She would need to mix that product with another one from another line, so she created her own line, with the help of her mom Loren Ridinger. 🙂

The products of Lumière De vie Include a Facial Cleanser, facial toner, an Intense Rejuvenation crème, hand & body crème, Illuminating fading fluid, serum concentrate, volcanic ex-foliating mask , Needle-free serum (this like botox in a bottle) and an eye balm.

As you can see there are quite a few Products in the line. All magnificent and designed for different purposes.

A basic routine with Lumière de Vie would be used like this:

1. Start with the Lumiere de Vie Cleanser. Wet your hands with water and add the cleanser to your fingertips and massage your face in a circular motion. (this shall be done morning and night)

2. Next use the Toner to help balance the moisture in your skin.

3. Detoxify your face with the Lumière de Vie Volcanic ex foliating mask,using a thin layer and letting it to sit for 10 minutes.

4. Next step is to treat your skin. The order of products depends on texture of product, start with the lightest going to the most dense.

5. Apply the eye balm around your eye area to avoid those dark circles and wrinkles around the eye. With Lumiere de vie you will watch them go away!! 🙂

6. Use the Hand & body creme to keep your hand and body moisturised just like your face 🙂


What is your skincare routine?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many of us know already that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for those of you living in a shell in the past, you do now 🙂

Motives Cosmetics is not just a “makeup” line, they are a Makeup line with a Mission to support Women’s rights and Awareness, especially Breast Cancer Awareness. With October being just around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little about the Motives’ social responsibility program in regards to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Motives partners with Breast Cancer Awareness Organizations is a great advocate for early detection. The earlier it is detected, the better your chances are of surviving. In this Video, breast cancer survivor Lisa Winkler, was able to be diagnosed at Stage One of Breast Cancer, eliminating her need for Chemotherapy, all because she was proactive in doing a self exam on her self and seeking medical help. You can watch the Inspiring video here:

Breast cancer is not something to be taken lightly, usually it is a family history thing, but in Lisa’s case it was not. Which is the most shocking. With all the advanced medicine and early detection devices and methods we have today, its easier than ever to be diagnosed earlier as well as be a Survivor .

To Honor Breast Cancer Awareness month, Motives Cosmetics is Donating the profits of two of their most popular products: Motives Mineral Lipstick in Brilliant and Motives Collagen Core Lipstick in Inspired.

Motives Collagen Lipstick in inspired
Motives Collagen Lipstick in inspired
Motives Mineral Lipstick in Brilliant
Motives Mineral Lipstick in Brilliant






Both of these colors are just Gorgeous, would you agree? Its all for a good cause Starting October 1st, the proceeds of these two beautiful Lipsticks benefit Breast Cancer Awareness!! (I’ll remind you don’t worry)

Look beautiful and feel great about helping others at the same time! 🙂

Do you know anyone with Breast cancer ?

Study finds that 80% of Men’s Heart Attacks are preventable


It may seem like a shocker (or not), but changing your lifestyle can truthfully prevent yourself from having an heart attack by 80%, if you are male. (The study was just on males, can be true for women too). Men are the more likely to have a heart attack in the first place.

The 11 year Sweedish Study, found that Men who added regular exercise and ate a  healthy diet were eighty percent less likely to have a heart attack than the men who did not make a any lifestyle changes. There were over 20,000 surveyed in this survey! The men in this survey were aged 45-79. In addition, men who cut their alcohol intake and tobacco habits had even less of a chance of a heart attack! The study claimed that even those men who neglected their health for years were able to reduce risk by adding in healthier lifestyle choices!

It only makes sense! When you exercise your body is able to digest what you eat normally, therefore allowing for your organs to be able to properly work. When a person has a heart attack, it is caused by too much build up in your heart, making it hard for that person to breathe. When you eat a diet full of junk, sweets and fats, it puts a lot of pressure on your organs, including your heart. Over time plaque build up forms and when there is not enough oxygen flow to your lungs and heart, this causes a heart attack.

This is why your Doctor and/or Nutritionist keep telling you to eat healthier and start an exercise routine!

The study states that 80% of heart attacks involving men are actually preventable. The team, who hails from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, wrote how each measure lowered the risk of heart disease in men, according to Headlines & Global News.



Make your own Tea Latte


There is nothing that says “Fall” like a nice Warm Tea Latte. Not only will that Coffeehouse Tea Latte empty your wallet, it will pack on the calories. Making your own Tea Latte does not have to be a chore, its actually quite simple. In order to make your own Tea latte will need a few Ingredients, which include:

Milk of your choice (I like plain soy milk)

Tea bag or Tea latte mix (you can choose one of these Mixes HERE) My favorite is the Tazo Chai and Green tea latte mix


You will also need something to heat up your milk, you can either do this on the stove or invest in a milk steamer , there is one at Target for $39.99. Hmm..I might just get one of those!! Here it is

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Okay, now lets make that Tea Latte!

Step 1: Heat up your milk , either by using a sauce pan on the stove and boiling the milk or following the instructions on the steamer (usually you just pour and press a button after plugged in)

Step 2: Pour your Tea latte mix in your desired mug (if you are using the Mix to make it), then just pour milk over your favorite Tea Latte mix and Voila! your Delicious Tea latte is made!!

If you want to make it from a tea bag, just heat up some hot water in order to steep the tea bag. Pour about two ounces of the Tea in your mug, then top with the Steamed milk. You can leave the tea bag in your cup for a stronger tea flavor. Add sugar to sweeten.

Keep in mind, when using the Tea Latte mix, most already have sugar in them, so I would not add any sugar .

Are you a Tea Latte drinker? Will you try this at home?

What’s really in That Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

.A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte, not actually having any pumpkin in it. Read that blog here.  Today, I’m going to Dissect the Ingredients of that “Pumpkin Spiced Latte” for you. I bet you will think twice about paying just over $3 for a measly tall “PSL” drink this season… Caution: The rest of this post might make you want to stop drinking Starbucks immediately:


First of all, the “Pumpkin Spiced Latte” Can not be made into a Vegan drink, since the “pumpkin” sauce has Condensed Milk in it! I bet that teenage Barista did not tell you that when you tried to order a “soy pumpkin latte”.

The amount of Sugar in a Grande size (the typical size most people order) has OVER 50 grams of Sugar in one cup!! Way too sweet!!

Even though they say “Natural Flavors”, this can come from ANYTHING ,and they do not have to disclose it. We have no Idea what “Natural Flavors” is. (Just a word of advice, this goes for EVERYTHING that has the words “Natural Flavors” on the label. Of course “artificial flavors” is pure crap, it COULD  mean chemicals!! We do not know for sure, but we also do not know for sure it DOES NOT contain chemicals!!! Its best to avoid things with “artificial flavors”

The name of this “drink” really needs to change from “pumpkin” spiced Latte, how about “Fall spiced Latte” or “Way too much sugar and chemicals Latte” .

Are you a Starbucks drinker? Have you had the “pumpkin Spiced latte”?

Will you still drink it after seeing this?

For some real Pumpkin treats this Fall season, try a Homemade Pumpkin pie or the “Real Pumpkin Latte” in my blog post that I shared with you! 🙂

Happy Fall everyone!! 😉

What’s your drink of choice?

Keep your Bones healthy, Stay young!


Having healthy bones throughout your life can help prevent diseases such as Osteoporosis.

To prevent bone loss as we age, its important to eat a healthy diet consisting of Calcium Rich foods such as Spinach, kale, Dairy products and soy. As we age absorbing calcium gets harder and harder for us, which is why taking a Vitamin D supplement is Vital, especially if we already suffering from Bone density loss.

Of course not all Supplements are created equal, you can read my blog to find out more on the importance of supplementation.

Back to a Vitamin D supplement. The best one with the highest amount of absorption is from the Isotonix line : Isotonix Vitamin D with K2

Isotonix Vitamin D with K2 contains vitamin D3, the metabolically active form of vitamin D, along with vitamin K2, a form of vitamin K which supports vascular health and calcium utilization. Here’s a chart that compares Istonix Vitamin D with K2 to the “other” brands:

Comparison Chart comparing different Vitamin D Supplements


As you can see from the chart above, most of the Vitamin D brands have 4000-5000 IU’s . So why is Isotonix D3 with K2 better? Well if you go on the list, you will see that the Isotonix version is the only supplement with Vitamin K2 as well as the only one being Isotonic.

(Isotonic= Is the reference of being Same pressure as your Bodily Fluids. Iso= same  and tonic meaning “same pressure” . )

This Isotonic formula is what allows for 98% absorption, and with a Vitamin D3 supplement, absorption is key. This will also help your calcium be absorbed better,decreasing your risk of bone density loss and/or bone diseases such as Osteoporosis.

Why the Vitamin K? Well the Vitamin K is what supports the normal delivery of calcium to your bones.

Are you getting enough calcium and Vitamin D3?



Lose Weight, Win Cash


The Holidays are coming, and everyone wants to look great at those Family Reunions, work parties or just for their Small Holiday Party. This is the perfect time to join the TLS Find your Fit challenge!!!

Just what is the TLS Find your Fit Challenge?


First, I’ll explain what TLS is. TLS, stands for Transitions lIfestyle System. The TLS program helps individuals gain weight, lose weight or just maintain weight by teaching a Low-Glycemic Index meal plan. (yes I said gain weight, as in Muscle gain).

The people behind TLS know that every human is different, which is why the TLS Weightloss solution is perfect for you! (yes you too!) This is not a One-size fits all “diet”, this is a Lifestyle System that teaches Healthy eating habits, which include how to dine-healthy, how to cook your own food and the most important…how to shop for the Best healthy food!

No diet should eliminate the things you love. This is just is not healthy. The best “diet” works those things in and teaches you how to make the best decisions.

Okay, now that you know a little more about TLS, lets get into the “Find you Fit Challenge”. TLS knows that Money is a big motivator for people to achieve their goals. Which is why they have created this challenge. In recent challenges, TLS has awarded over $100,000 in cash to the winners. Not only did they win Big, they lost Big!!! The best part? With TLS you will not be focused on the scale. TLS knows that its important to focus on muscle mass vs. that number of the scale. TLS is focused on Fat burning vs. just losing pounds. This way you will lose MORE inches and look and feel better about yourself!

Find more about the challenge by clicking HERE and Click the “Challenge” tab

So are you ready to join the Next challenge? Watch this video for more info

Some Simple Ways to Save $$$

In today’s economy everyone is trying to save a few dollars here and there.  Sometimes we have to cut out some things in our life because of lack of funds. If you are in need of saving some dough or just like to save  a dollar when you can, here’s a list of things you can do to save some serious dough this Holiday season and in the future:



Invest in a Coffee Maker

Instead of buying that Expensive Coffeehouse Coffee everyday, make your own. Coffee makers can range from $20-$100 and up, depending on how fancy you want. If you drink coffee every day even the expensive one will pay for itself overtime.

Make it a Movie Night-In instead of OUT

Going to the Movies can really add up, its not getting any cheaper either. Movies from Netflix or renting from Redbox can be done for pennies, plus what’s more romantic than watching a movie with just your boo without that annoying young teenage couple texting and showing way too much PDA in the movies?

Start Eating at HOME

Eating out is not only not healthy for your, the cost associated can really add up. When you cook at home, you can control the ingredients in your meals plus make a whole meal for less than ONE meal in a restaurant. Exchange just one day per week at first for eating at home vs. going out can make a huge difference.

Check Online for Deals before you go out to the store to buy

Nowadays, it is so easy to get the best price for the product that you need. Just go to a Search site like, before you hit the store to find the very best deal on that product you are searching for.

Choose a Vacation place that is within Driving distance to your Home, instead of  flying.

Road trips can be great bonding time for you and your family, besides airfare can really add up the more tickets you have to buy. And its not getting any cheaper either!! There are plenty of locations within driving distance to where you live, just start googling and exploring your own “backyard”.

What do you think of these tips on saving some green this Holiday season?

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