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What’s New in Motives??

Since the last Convention in Miami, Florida there has been a ton of new releases in Motives Cosmetics. Like every year, the new additions to the Motives family are AMAZING!  Here is a list of the new products with Motives.

First up, All day liquid sticks!


It goes on like a lip gloss,but with the color of a lipstick, and best part??? They are long lasting to last all day! The all day liquid sticks come in 6 beautiful shades including: Shock wave (pink color), Ravish ( a deep red color), Hi-Voltage (bright pink)Sultry (a brown red) , Seduction (deep blue/brown red??)Tantalize (a light blue red).

Pink more your color?? You will love "shock wave"!!
Pink more your color?? You will love “shock wave”!!
"ravish" is a deep red for that intense pop of color
“ravish” is a deep red for tht intense pop of color
The brightest one in the line "hi voltage" will give you that color that you have been craving!!
The brightest one in the line “hi voltage” will give you that color that you have been craving!!
If you  like "tantalize' and "seduction" you will love this one in "sultry"
If you like “tantalize’ and “seduction” you will love this one in “sultry”
Motives all day liquid stick in "seduction" sure is sexy
Motives all day liquid stick in “seduction” sure is sexy




Motives all day liquid stick in "tantalize"
Motives all day liquid stick in “tantalize”



As you can see Motives Cosmetics tailors to ever skin color with all their products.

If you are not a glossy fan, then you must try Motives’ Ultra matte lipstick US_CAN_20150122_cs30260_Motives-for-La-La-NEW-Matte-Lipstick_960x450There are four lovely colors of this new line of Lipsticks. A full-color, matte lipstick with unprecedented long wear and effortless wearability. Indulge your lips with the soft, creamy texture and create a modern look in coveted shades of nude, pink and red.

These four colors include, Daring (your bright red color, the 2nd one from left), Electric  (a brown red, last one on the right), French Kiss (bright pink, first one on the left), and Potent (the pretty magenta lipstick 3rd one on the left). Do you prefer to be daring or sweet with french kiss?

If you would like these lip colors, I am running a special for Blog job members only, 10% off your order with code 10OFFMA. Special ends in a week, so hurry! 🙂 Click HERE to purchase, enter code at checkout.

Why I’m so getting a Wrap Dress

Some days you just have those mornings when you have nothing wear and nothing looks good on you. Do you ever feel like you have hundreds of clothes and nothing matches? This is where the Wrap Dress comes in handy for Every Girl! Read on for why you must pick one up next time you’re out shopping!

Every girl has those days when they just don’t feel “sexy” and have those “go-to” items to enhance her look. For some it may be that pair of sexy skinny jeans that make your long legs look sexy. For other girls it may be that awesome top that enhances her full figured top. Or maybe its that skirt to enhance those sexy legs? Whatever it is, every girl has that go-to piece of clothing. If you don’t have a Wrap dress already, next time you are out shopping, be sure to pick one up!! It is a Must Have for Every Girl!!

Yes, guys every girl has these days believe it or not! After reading about the Wrap Dress on Loren Ridinger’s , I decided that every girl needs a Wrap dress!! Seriously!! Here’s Why.

The Wrap Dress can be styled down with flip-flops or styled up with a pair of some sexy Heels and a nice Necklace, bracelet, maybe some earrings?

Another reason this dress is a must, is its All Season! Never going out of style!!

The Wrap dress can be worn ALL YEAR LONG, since it is very versatile.

Just wear it plain with some sandals in spring or summer.

Slap on a pair of  some tights and a light jacket during Fall and layer with a few extras during winter.








Which dress do you prefer? What do you think of the Wrap Dress?

Do you have a go to item in your closet that’s a must?

How to Make your Perfume Last Forever

Perfume makes us feel pretty, and to be honest it is not a cheap accessory. Most bottles can set you back $150, so keeping your perfume lasting longer should every woman’s must! The horrible part is Perfume is not expensive to make, yet the price tag is high…and the pretty bottle makes it look like there’s even more than there actually is.

Perfume is not a cheap item to buy, yet we have our favorite scents that we must wear, or maybe you got one as a gift. Making that little bottle last longer than its expected shelf life is important for not wasting precious products (and money). Here are a few tips on how to keep your Perfume lasting longer than the 2-3 years shelf life time.



Surprisingly, storing your Perfume with the lid shut tight and in the original box will help your perfume last just a little bit longer

Also, the darker bottles have a tendency to absorb less light therefore the scents will be truer for longer.


Keep your bottles away from any moisture-rich areas like the bathroom . Be wary if you live in humid, ocean or wet climates as your perfume may taper off faster

It is best to keep your perfumes in dark corners and at room temperatures, this will prevent your perfume from losing its scents and lasting longer.

Also, the expensive brands tend to last longer since they are made with better ingredients than the cheap ones. So, save up and buy one good one instead of 10 cheap ones. (This should go for most things you buy)

When in doubt, close the lid and stick it in a corner if you want your perfume to last forever 🙂

What is your favorite scent to wear? I love to wear Chance by Chanel..I know I’m going to use all of these tips to help it last even longer!! 😉

Summer Cocktail Inspired Outfits

Hi my Lovelies!

What can be better than a Nice Refreshing Summer cocktail enjoyed on the beach? Why not get inspired by these girly cocktail drinks by creating a fun and chic Summer outfit? Here’s one to get you started:

Lets start with the Drink- Watermelon-Tequila Cocktails

1/4 cup water
1/4 cup granulated sugar
8 cups diced seedless watermelon (1 pound)
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1 3/4 cups blueberries
3/4 cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves, plus 8 sprigs for garnish
1 1/4 cups silver tequila
How to:
1. In a small saucepan, bring the water to a simmer with the sugar and stir over moderate heat until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 minute; let the sugar syrup cool.
2. In a blender, puree the watermelon until smooth. Set a fine-mesh strainer over a bowl and strain the watermelon juice, pressing gently on the solids to extract as much juice as possible. Discard the pulp.
3. In a large pitcher, combine the sugar syrup with the lime juice, blueberries and mint leaves. Using a wooden spoon, lightly muddle the blueberries and mint. Add the watermelon juice and tequila. Refrigerate until chilled, about 2 hours.
4. Pour the cocktail into tall ice-filled glasses. Garnish with the mint sprigs and serve

This Watermelon-Tequila drink would be the perfect Patriotic inspired drink/outfit for those Summer Holidays and BBQs.

How to Wear it:


Go all Patriotic this Summer (or at least for the holiday BBQ) with this Feminine Maxi Dress from Nordstrom’s , Currently On Sale for less than $40! Pair it with these Blue RayBans from , This Sunhat from Mix it up with these cute sandals from Luxury Divas. Don’t Forget this White Dooney & Burke Crossbody!! To add some jazz, where your favorite pendant with the outfit as well.

How to Wear your Hair: If you’re going to wear the hat, wear your hair down, but first style it with your Straightener .If you want to go all out patriotic, try some RED clip-on extensions.

What do you think of these Hot Summer looks?

mmmm..I think I’m going to try that Drink!

A New way to Buy and Sell Fashion


Recently, I came across this awesome new site called Poshmark. 

Basically, it’s a site for Ladies to Sell that gently-worn dress in the back of their closet and buy some other Woman’s gently worn dress. (Or you can just keep the profit) It’s kinda like eBay, except its only for Women’s Fashion and Accessories. There are also Posh Parties to buy and sell from multiple women live. It’s a like a live tweet marketplace.

Poshmark also takes care of the shipping for you, when you sell an item, the email you a pre-paid USPS postage stamp (included in the selling price), Just print, pack in a box and leave in a blue USPS mailbox. Then wait for your money to arrive straight to your bank account!

To me Poshmark sounds like a fun Instagram-esqe shopping platform for Women. Why just throw that old piece of clothing (that’s still wearable) to Goodwill, when you can make some money. You paid good dollars for your clothes, get some of it back!

Are you going to join?


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