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Get the Look: Hazel Eyes

Where are my Sexy Hazel Eyed beauties at?! As a personal Hazel eyed beauty myself, I love finding looks best for my eye color. The Motives Mavens have created a “get the look” for different eye colors, I’ll be posting them periodically so keep your eye out! (haha get the pun?) 😉 Let us start with the best Eye color (at least in my opinion) Hazel Eyes! Hazel Eyed beauties listen up! Here it is!

Hazel Daze look by Motives by Loren Ridinger
Hazel Daze look by Motives by Loren Ridinger

Lets start with the Products that you will need:

Products used in this look:

Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in "dollface"
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in “dollface”
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in "Whipped Cream"
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in “Whipped Cream”
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in "Toast"
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in “Toast”
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in "vino"
Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in “vino”
Motives Water Proof Pencil in Black Magic
Motives Water Proof Pencil in Black Magic
Motives eye base
Motives eye base







If anyone purchases these 4 Pressed eye shadows, I will Personally throw in a free “eye shadow case”

Okay, now lets get the look!

Step One: Apply the Eye base on your lid (remember a little bit goes a long way with this one)

Step Two: Apply the Motives Pressed eye shadow in Dollface to the lid and blend to the crease.

Step Three: Using the Motives Pressed eye shadow in Whipped Cream, blend upward to the brow bone.

Step Four: Using the same Whipped Cream pressed shadow, highlight the corner of the eye.

Step Five: Using the Motives Pressed eye shadow in Toast, apply to the lower lash line.

Step Six: Finally, line the tear duct and top lash with the Motives Water proof eye pencil in Black Magic.

Lastly, do not forget the Mascara!! 🙂

Of course you would want to finish off the look with a Pinkish Lipstick, you can try the Brilliant Mineral lipstick by Motives Cosmetics and support a great cause! Read this Blog for more info on that.

Okay, all you Hazel eyed beauties, what do you think of this look?



Get a little “Grunge” for Fall

Every season has its own look, when it comes to eye makeup. This Fall go for a “Fall Grunge look” inspired by the very talented Motives Maven, Maryam Maquillage.


This look is Simple yet elegant to wear everyday at the office and even pretty enough to wear going out on the town. Here’s how to get the look yourself:

First thing first, you will need your Products.

Products Used:

Motives Eye Base
Motives Luxe Precision Eye Liner in Jet Black
Motives Water Proof Pencil in Black Magic
Motives Water Proof Pencil in Black Magic


Motives Mavens Element Palette
Motives Mavens Element Palette

All products can be purchased Here and you will receive Cashback 🙂

Okay now that you have the products, lets go into the steps:

Step One:  Start with the Motives Eye base, (little bit goes a long way with this eye base), and spread it evenly on both lids. I usually use my finger for this.

Step Two: Apply the Bordeaux color from the Mavens palette on to the lid.

Step Three: Apply Truffle from Element Palette to your crease and your lower lash line.

Step Four: To get a blended look, transition the colors with Native from the Element palette and blend the the colors together.

Step Five: To Highlight the brow bone, use the Shell color from your Element pallete. Also dab the inner corner of your eye with the Shell color

Step Six: For a blended “V” look, use the Raven color (from the same Element palette) on the outer edge of your eye in a “v-shape”

Step Seven: Using the Waterproof Pencil in Black Magic, line your water line and lower lash line.

Step  Eight: Finish off the gorgeous look with Motives Precision Eye line in Jet Black on the top lash line.

Don’t forget your Mascara as well! 🙂

What do you think of this Fall look? Did you Fall in love with it?

What’s really in That Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

.A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte, not actually having any pumpkin in it. Read that blog here.  Today, I’m going to Dissect the Ingredients of that “Pumpkin Spiced Latte” for you. I bet you will think twice about paying just over $3 for a measly tall “PSL” drink this season… Caution: The rest of this post might make you want to stop drinking Starbucks immediately:


First of all, the “Pumpkin Spiced Latte” Can not be made into a Vegan drink, since the “pumpkin” sauce has Condensed Milk in it! I bet that teenage Barista did not tell you that when you tried to order a “soy pumpkin latte”.

The amount of Sugar in a Grande size (the typical size most people order) has OVER 50 grams of Sugar in one cup!! Way too sweet!!

Even though they say “Natural Flavors”, this can come from ANYTHING ,and they do not have to disclose it. We have no Idea what “Natural Flavors” is. (Just a word of advice, this goes for EVERYTHING that has the words “Natural Flavors” on the label. Of course “artificial flavors” is pure crap, it COULD  mean chemicals!! We do not know for sure, but we also do not know for sure it DOES NOT contain chemicals!!! Its best to avoid things with “artificial flavors”

The name of this “drink” really needs to change from “pumpkin” spiced Latte, how about “Fall spiced Latte” or “Way too much sugar and chemicals Latte” .

Are you a Starbucks drinker? Have you had the “pumpkin Spiced latte”?

Will you still drink it after seeing this?

For some real Pumpkin treats this Fall season, try a Homemade Pumpkin pie or the “Real Pumpkin Latte” in my blog post that I shared with you! 🙂

Happy Fall everyone!! 😉

What’s your drink of choice?

Reasons to Host A Motives Online Party


Recently I announced about hosting an Online Cosmetic Party with Motives. You may be wondering, what’s in it for you? Why should you have an Online Cosmetic Party? Let me give you some of the Benefits of Hosting an Online Party with Motives:

Earn FREE cosmetics!

One of the best benefits of hosting an Online Motives party, is the Host will Earn his or choice of any product in the Motives line. This includes Skincare products. And, did I mention they are High Quality!

You and your Friends will receive 10% off Cosmetics!

During your Party the Host and his or her Friends will Receive a special 10% discount on all the Motives products!!

Learn the Hottest Trends in Makeup!

Motives partners with some of the Best and Most talented Makeup artists to teach YOU how to look like a star Everyday!! With a Motives Online Party, you and your friends will have access to Exclusive Makeup Tutorials so all of you can learn how to apply the latest and hottest Trends in Cosmetics!!

Have some Fun with Your Friends

What’s better than enjoying a glass of wine, hanging with your friends on Facebook and learning about the Hottest Makeup brand around!! (and Largest fan base on Instagram) Motives Cosmetics recently hit 1 Million Fans on Instagram!! You have got to check it out!! Plus you’re already hanging out on Facebook anyway, why not make some money off of it?

You can Even Earn some Cash

Successful Party Hosts will have the chance to cash out on their friends purchases. Plus with the Cashback Program, which Motives Cosmetics participates in, you will be able to earn some FREE cashback for referring them to Motives! 🙂

So, are you ready to Host your Online Motives party? Or do you have more questions? I’d be happy to answer all of your Questions!

If you are ready to Host your Online Party Go HERE and Sign up to be a HOST!

Lose Weight, Win Cash


The Holidays are coming, and everyone wants to look great at those Family Reunions, work parties or just for their Small Holiday Party. This is the perfect time to join the TLS Find your Fit challenge!!!

Just what is the TLS Find your Fit Challenge?


First, I’ll explain what TLS is. TLS, stands for Transitions lIfestyle System. The TLS program helps individuals gain weight, lose weight or just maintain weight by teaching a Low-Glycemic Index meal plan. (yes I said gain weight, as in Muscle gain).

The people behind TLS know that every human is different, which is why the TLS Weightloss solution is perfect for you! (yes you too!) This is not a One-size fits all “diet”, this is a Lifestyle System that teaches Healthy eating habits, which include how to dine-healthy, how to cook your own food and the most important…how to shop for the Best healthy food!

No diet should eliminate the things you love. This is just is not healthy. The best “diet” works those things in and teaches you how to make the best decisions.

Okay, now that you know a little more about TLS, lets get into the “Find you Fit Challenge”. TLS knows that Money is a big motivator for people to achieve their goals. Which is why they have created this challenge. In recent challenges, TLS has awarded over $100,000 in cash to the winners. Not only did they win Big, they lost Big!!! The best part? With TLS you will not be focused on the scale. TLS knows that its important to focus on muscle mass vs. that number of the scale. TLS is focused on Fat burning vs. just losing pounds. This way you will lose MORE inches and look and feel better about yourself!

Find more about the challenge by clicking HERE and Click the “Challenge” tab

So are you ready to join the Next challenge? Watch this video for more info

Fall Look with Motives

The leaves are starting to drop, the coffee chains have premièred their Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and the kids are back in school. This can only mean one thing, Fall is Coming!! Funny how the Pumpkin Spice Latte premièred during summer, but why wait?

If you haven’t started shuffling through your wardrobe yet and adding those fall colors and sweaters, you may want to change up your makeup look with some Fall looks this upcoming Season. Fall is about the colors of autumn, the leaves, which usually lead to brown tones. If you need some help on that Fall Season look, you better check out Motives Cosmetics’ latest video on what’s hot this coming fall before its too late! Here’s a Sneak Peek!!


Motives “Fall Nights Glam” by @elymarino

Fall Nights Tutorial:

First off, you will need products: This look uses

Okay, now that you have products lets begin the steps!! 🙂

Motives Secret Moments

Step 1: Using the Motives Secret Moments Palette, choose the lightest shade on your brow bone. Apply the orange shade above your crease.

Step 2: Apply the blue shade in the crease and blend

Step 3: Apply the silver shade on the lid keeping it below the crease

Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Onyx

Step 4: Take the Motives pressed Eye shadow in Onyx and apply on the outside corner making a V-shape into the crease.

Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress

Step 5: Line your eyes with Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress

Motives Paint Pot in Vogue

and Finally Step 6: For some fun shimmer, add Motives Paint pot in Vogue underneath the lower lash. For a day look,leave off the shimmer (and apply at night)

And that’s it! 6 easy steps and you got yourself a Glam Fall Nights look (or 5 steps for a day look)

What do you think of this look? Will you try it?

Please comment and share!! 🙂

Stay Beautiful!!

Why I’m so getting a Wrap Dress

Some days you just have those mornings when you have nothing wear and nothing looks good on you. Do you ever feel like you have hundreds of clothes and nothing matches? This is where the Wrap Dress comes in handy for Every Girl! Read on for why you must pick one up next time you’re out shopping!

Every girl has those days when they just don’t feel “sexy” and have those “go-to” items to enhance her look. For some it may be that pair of sexy skinny jeans that make your long legs look sexy. For other girls it may be that awesome top that enhances her full figured top. Or maybe its that skirt to enhance those sexy legs? Whatever it is, every girl has that go-to piece of clothing. If you don’t have a Wrap dress already, next time you are out shopping, be sure to pick one up!! It is a Must Have for Every Girl!!

Yes, guys every girl has these days believe it or not! After reading about the Wrap Dress on Loren Ridinger’s , I decided that every girl needs a Wrap dress!! Seriously!! Here’s Why.

The Wrap Dress can be styled down with flip-flops or styled up with a pair of some sexy Heels and a nice Necklace, bracelet, maybe some earrings?

Another reason this dress is a must, is its All Season! Never going out of style!!

The Wrap dress can be worn ALL YEAR LONG, since it is very versatile.

Just wear it plain with some sandals in spring or summer.

Slap on a pair of  some tights and a light jacket during Fall and layer with a few extras during winter.








Which dress do you prefer? What do you think of the Wrap Dress?

Do you have a go to item in your closet that’s a must?

How to Make your Own Latte

As we are inching closer to Fall time, nothing is better than sitting by the fire and enjoying a Delicious Latte or Mocha from a Coffeehouse. Getting your Speciality coffee drink from a Fancy Coffee House chain is all fun and games, but the cost (and Calories) can add up quick. Plus there’s nothing better than making your “own” drink, heck that way you can’t yell at the College-student Barista for putting too much milk or too much sugar…

Making your Own Latte Really isn’t that hard,  of course getting the Espresso Machine can be a bit of an expense, but there are deals you can find and with all the competition, the prices are coming down on the “older” machines. Espresso  Machines can range from $60-$2000 and up. Here’s one on the low-price range of $75 from Sears image__175x175__.


Now that you have your Espresso Machine, lets make that Latte!! 🙂 You will Need, your favorite brand of Espresso , you can try My favorite (Marley Coffee Espresso Roast). You will also need your favorite type of Milk (I like Soy), but Whole or Almond Milk is also good. If you want your Latte you can use sugar or one of those liquid sugars from Starbucks or your favorite Coffee house. All coffee houses sell their liquid sugars by the bottle, usually ranges from $10-$15/bottle on average. Okay now that you have all your ingredients, lets make that coffee!!

Step 1: Pour espresso beans in your Espresso Machine (where it says to put the beans), make sure you read the directions for your unique espresso machine.

Step 2: Heat up your milk , using a small heat-proof container. (you can also use the mug you will be using for your coffee drink). Heat milk to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, using a food thermometer to measure.

Step 3: When milk is almost done heating up, push button to pour espresso in your espresso glasses/cups.

Step 4: If you’re having sugar, put the sugar in your mug. Then pour espresso in mug, pouring milk over espresso (for macchiato style, poour milk first then shots on top. )

Step 5: Using a spoon, scoop one scoop of the foam to top. Top with cinnamon for for your liking.

Enjoy your tasty drink!!


Well there you have it. Now go impress your friends with your coffee-making skills. 🙂

How do you like your coffee? Sweet or bitter?

Pretty Purple Eye Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a tutorial, so here’s another one that I just love!! As you know by now, I love Purple and purple eyes are just so magical. What do you think of this one?  by Aurora_Amor por el maquillaje using ALL Motives!


Get the look:
-Eye Shadow base
-Pressed eye shadow in BLIZZARD on brow bone
-NATIVE eye shadow from Element Box palette as transition color on the crease and below lower lashes
-Pressed Eye Shadow in HOT CHOCOLATE defining the crease & lower lashes
-Pressed Eye Shadow in FANTASY on both sides of mobile eyelid
-Khol eyeliner in COFFEE lining waterline
-Gel eyeliner in LITTLE BLACK DRESS on top lashes
-Lala Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening mascara in BLACK on top and lower lashes


Get all the Products Here


What do you think? Are you going to try this look at home? Post your pics if you do!! 🙂


How to avoid buying junk at Grocery Stores


What you buy has a big influence on your waistline. It can be easy to get side tracked at the store and impulse buy those darn sweets and salty snacks, especially if you have kids. Follow these tips to help you buy smarter next time you shop:

Don’t Shop Hungry

You have probably heard this one before, and its proven true!! Shopping on an empty stomach increases your chances of impulse buying by over 50%. When you’re hungry you want food,so your brain triggers you to want to buy all those food you want vs. what you need. Just avoid unnecessary purchases and eat before you shop!

Shop the Perimeter of the Store First



The Perimeter of the store is where you will you find all the basic food groups in the store. Vegetables/Fruit, Meat, Dairy, Breads. You want to fill your cart up with these products as they  contain the most whole ingredients and are the healthiest for you to eat. The more Whole products in your cart, the less room for junk there is.

Choose a Smaller Cart

Do you really need that oversized cart when you’re only shopping for 2 people? Most grocery stores now have smaller shopping carts. The smaller your cart, the less likely you will have room in your cart for that junk food. If you do have a large family, still be choosy on the kind of cart you choose, most importantly be mindful of what goes in the cart first.

Have a Colorful Cart

Now I don’t mean ask your kids and draw on the cart and make it pretty, by colorful, I mean add items that are different colors. The more variety of colors in your cart from Natural foods,the better. Try to stay away from too much “brown”, as these are usually the starchy items.

Make a List

Making a list can also help you stay on track at the store and not wonder off into other sections. Once you become familiar with shopping smart the list will only be a guide as you get used to buying the same items (you do want to mix it up sometimes so you don’t get bored). If you do have kids, let your kids choose ONE item they would like each week, make sure you stick to one item. This way they feel included in the process and at least they’ll be getting something they want. If they want another item while shopping, ask them if they’d like to take the other item out of the cart. This will teach them how to make decisions as well. Hopefully, the right ones 🙂

Staying on track at the store can be fun if you do it right, always engage your kids and/or significant other in the shopping for the week . This way everyone feels included in the process and it makes it fun for the whole family!!

Do you have any other advice on shopping smart?

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