Why I take Supplements


In a short answer,  I want to “live”. What I mean by this is I enjoy celebrating occasions and those occasions of course have food involved. Of course the “food” that is involved is never on any “diet” list. I also understand that there are certain foods that we should not eat due to the aging properties involved, for starters BBQ’d food or food cooked at high temperatures can cause aging effects on the body. I choose to enjoy my life with the food I like most, however since I know about the harm of said foods,I still want to live a long life…which is Why I choose supplements. For me it’s a better choice.

Another reason I choose to supplement is because I know our vegetables today are not the same as 20-30 years ago….there are more pesticides and chemicals and less vitamins/minerals. We still need our daily essential vitamins. Its actually cheaper to just supplement than to eat even more fruits/vegetables to get our daily recommendation.


I’m not saying that we can just whatever the heck we want to eat and supplement , and we’ll magically be healthy. Not at all! We still need to follow the daily recommendation of nutrition, as food is still the best way to satisfy our needs; However I choose to optimize my health to the fullest, therefore I choose to supplement what I’m lacking. I also want to “live” a little and enjoy some favorite foods, but still limiting the “bad” foods to a minimum.

Also, not all supplements are created equal  Read more on my Products page about Isotonix supplements and why there really is nothing better.


If you would like to take a FREE ASSESSMENT on what vitamins/minerals you may need to take that you unaware of please comment below.

Do you take supplements? If so, why?




Do’s & Don’ts of Eating Out

Who ever told you eating out wasn’t healthy? The reverse is actually true! Eating out is a part of life that everyone enjoys! Just because you made the decision to change your diet and eat healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t eat out. Of course, if you do want to lose those pounds you’ve been wanting to lose, I’d follow these simple Do’s & Don’ts of eating out:



  • Order sauces on the side
  • Start your meal with a salad, soup or consommé
  • Split your plate in half and save one half for lunch the next day
  • Have a small snack before you go
  • Balance your plate with mainly vegetables, keeping meat and grains in their proper portion sizes
  • Order main courses based on vegetables, not with vegetables as an after thought
  • Order foods that are roasted, braised, steamed, grilled, broiled, or pan seared


  • Order heavy cream sauces
  • Load up on the butter
  • Forget the veggies
  • Fill up on alcohol
  • Fill up on empty carbs like chips
  • Add extra sauce
  • Overdo the cheese
  • Double/Triple/Quadruple the meat portion
  • Order fried food

If any “diet plan” tells you not to eat out, I’d continue looking for another plan. It is possible to enjoy life, dine out AND still be in control of your weight and weight loss goals.

Another, big point to “dieting” ; if the plan says you will lose weight without exercise, they are LYING to you!! To live a healthy lifestyle , you must exercise!! This helps your body fat turn into lean muscle mass.

Okay, one last thing; if you do want to lose weight take a look at the Transitions Lifestyle System (or TLS); or simply reply to me and I’ll connect you with a local certified weight loss consultant.

Summer Healthy Eating Tips

As the summer season approaches many people who have been “dieting” might get frightened. During summer we tend to vacation more, which leads to packing on more calories than we would hope to put on otherwise. Living and eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up living completely.  Here are some useful easy swaps to remember this summer:

1. Say no to the “F-word”


Yes, that’s right, the F-word meaning Fried food. Wherever your summer plans take you, you’re more than likely to run into plenty of fried foods. Fried foods can pack on more calories than anticipated. The world famous funnel cake packs on over 650 calories, a better choice would surprisingly be cotton candy. Sharing the cotton candy with the family would be an even better choice to make. Even fried zucchini and mushrooms contain over 200 extra calories. Choosing veggies, cheese & crackers or hummus would be wiser choices to make.

2. Choose the right size dog


Summer season is famous for hot dog eating, after all July is “national Hot dog month”. Opting  for the smaller version of that dog can save you nearly 600 calories. If you’re going to the game this summer try to avoid that Jumbo-hot dog which contains 750 calories and 68 grams of fat! Paired with a 16 oz. beer, that’s another 200 calories + added. The regular size hot dog would be a better choice , which contains about 250 calories, and a 12 oz. light beer would have 100-120 calories. 

3. Swapping your frozen cocktails


When its hot, and we’re in the party mood, we tend to go for those frozen cocktails. A frozen margarita can contain 900 calories! Setting your diet plans back quite a bit. Since these frozen cocktails are usually large in size, they can contain more alcohol than anticipated.

A better choice would be my personal favorite, Mojitos! Mojitos are made with  rum, cane sugar, lime juice , club soda and mint leaves; containing around 170-230 calories. Added bonus: They’re delicious too!! 🙂


Of course, if its during the day and hot out, staying away from alcohol would be your best option, since alcohol drinks are the most dehydrating beverages one can choose. (yes, even that mojito  can dehydrate you!)

4. Choose the right beverage


Speaking of hydration, choosing sugary soda drinks will only dehydrate you more, and with the caffeine soda drinks, it only makes it worse! It’s amazing how many people classify a “Coke” as “refreshing” , or even a “refreshing” lemonade can contain between 200 and 250 calories! 

The best beverage to drink when you need hydration is regular water (surprisingly hot water will actually hydrate you more than iced) or coconut water. (with no added sugar). Zico coconut water contains only 60 calories, 14 g sugar ( that’s natural sugar from the coconut), 690 mg. of potassium, and a numerous amount of other essential vitamins and minerals. Potassium is what our body needs for hydration. Eating bananas would also be a good idea.


5. Be mindful of overeating at parties

If you happen to attend summer parties , be careful of overeating. Whoever is hosting will make sure there’s plenty of snacks available. Munching on chips without thinking how much you’re eating can lead to extra calories. 20 potato chips have about 200 calories. The best way to overcome eating too much is to take small handfuls of chips, or even look for healthier options like veggies.


Remembering saying “no” is okay  too. Sometimes, our friends can influence us to overeat or over  drink more than we anticipated. It’s okay to have a little splurge, but if you don’t want the extra weight of those added-on calories remember to know when to stop. Afterall, it’s your body not theirs. Will they pay your medical bills when those fattening foods turn into medical drama.? Likely not. Take control of your weight and health..and say NO to Fried, processed, over sugary, high fat junk food!


Have a happy and healthy summer everyone! 🙂


What are your healthy eating tips for the summer?

How to Have a Healthy Digestive System


Time and time we have heard that healthy living starts with the gut. Thousands of health experts would agree and suggest ways to “lose your gut” Question is, what does having a healthy digestive system really mean?

Well, in a nutshell it means you able to “move” your food easily and often. Having a healthy digestive tract will give you more energy , a healthy glow on your skin and hair and much more. Being healthy really does start with the gut. So how can we clean our act up and be healthy? !

Start with a cleanse.

Just like you take your car in for an oil change ever 5,000 miles, our bodies need to be cleaned out as well. Especially if you drink coffee, tea, alcohol, eat sweets, meat, breads and/or smoke. If you do any of these, you should be cleansing your body at least once a year, if not twice a year!

What does a cleanse consist of?

A cleanse is normally 7-10 days and you will cut Caffeine , alcohol, Red meats, sweets, dairy and breads/starchy foods and fried foods from your diet. You’ll probably thinking, what can I eat then? These 7-10 days you will be eating Dark leafy greens, Colorful veggies, Fruits , eggs, light fish, white meat chicken is okay in moderation, herbal tea . The goal here is to not cook your food this week. You also DO NOT want to starve yourself. Oh yeah, one major thing, this week you are drinking lots and lots and lots of water!

A sample day during this cleanse week will be:

Wake up: Cup of Hot Water with Lemon, then you are permitted to take any vitamins/supplements which have been in your routine already (new supplements are not recommended during this week)

Breakfast: Yellow Banana and non-dairy yogurt , if you need protein try TLS whey protein shakes, chocolate is delicious!

Lunch: Salad with Spinach , kale or dark leafy greens mixed with peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, pumpkin seeds. Hold the dressing! if you really need dressing, a dash of olive oil is okay. A second option for lunch can be a small piece of white fish (tilapia) and hummus/veggies

Dinner: Fish or chicken, small sweet potato or veggies

Snacks (1 between breakfast/lunch and 1 before dinner): Hummus/veggies, almonds, protein shake , hard boiled eggs, herbal tea.

Water intake: You should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces. For example a 150 lb. person should be drinking @ least 75 ounces of water per day. if each cup is 8 oz. that’s 9.3 cups of water. (keep in mind most water bottles are 24-36 oz). Therefore you only have to refill 3 or 4 times per day. Easier than you think!

Other than the diet, taking the right cleanse supplement can help you release more waste and help you stay more alert throughout the week. I personally have used Nutriclean 7-day cleanse and love the results i had with this. The first few days you will feel weak! All of us that have gone through the cleanse will tell you, however by the end of the week you will have an unbelievable amount of energy that you have never had before in your life. Embrace it because you did it!

Stay Healthy


Curcumin Helps Ease Joint Pain

Exercise and the demands of daily life can be damaging to your joints. Running, bending, jumping, crawling, sitting…all these activities can damage your joints later in life, which is why it’s important to take care of your joints NOW rather than later!


A clinical study was formed of 100 volunteers who had OA (osteroarthritis) , and the results are phenomenal!!

According to exloresupplements.com, Osteoarthritis (OA) is known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease and represents a group of mechanical abnormalities involving the degradation of joints, including the cartilage that grows at the ends of bones as well as the erosion of bone immediately under the cartilage.

The loss of cartilage can be painful and cause stiffness in joints that make it hard for people with OA to move and do social activities. Millions of elderly people are affected by this! Poor lifestyle choices and poor diet choices are the major causes of OA, sometimes its heredity.

Effective treatments for this painful condition are few and far between, and basically involve the use of high doses of pain-relieving drugs, which cause even more damage to your body, corticosteroid treatment, or, if a suitable medical infrastructure exists, surgical procedures are recommended..and we all know that’s never easy nor cheap! Generally nutritional supplementation is not effective; however, the incredible curcumin has been shown to be an exception to the rule.

As joints are destroyed, inflammation increases dramatically.

The study briefly mentioned previously, measured the safety and effectiveness of taking a Curcumin supplement for 8 months here are the results, according to exploresupplements.com:

  1. Pain was reduced in the curcumin group by 2.3-fold
  2. Stiffness was lowered by 2.3-fold
  3. The ability to do physical functions was improved by 2.5 times
  4. Strongly significant improvements in social and emotional functions and general well-being were observed in the curcumin group
  5. The treadmill test indicated that individuals in the curcumin group improved by 3.9 times in physical performance compared to the control group
  6. The amount of inflammatory protein markers in the blood of the curcumin-treatment group decreased significantly compared to the control group, suggesting that curcumin can regulate in a beneficial manner the activity of all the major inflammatory components involved in OA, and
  7. Curcumin treatment reduced the use of pain-killing drugs (NSAIDS, acetaminophen, celecoxib) by 63%.

In conclusion, the study proved that a low dose of curcurmin improved the flexibility of joints in the curcurmin controlled patients and greatly improve their quality of life. There was also no signs of toxicity from the curcumin group. OA is a chronic disease, therefore it is possible to continue a regimen of curcumin daily.

Curcumin can also be used as a detox supplement.

Interested in learning more on this amazing supplement? Click here

How to wear blue shadow

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

As you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready for that BBQ with family/friends. Ever wanted to wear blue eye shadow but you didn’t know how to do it without looking clownish? Try this tutorial by the wonderful “Ely Marino” using the Motives Mavens “Muse” palette:


1.Begin by applying “Crème Fresh” onto the brow bone and to the first half of the eyes

2.Apply the “Orange” toned shadow, from the “Muse” pallette  to the outer part of the lid! Staying motivescosmetics_f8939f1b3f7b7b8896b473fcafba45e3200bbf0dunderneath the crease

3.Using the “Blue” apply it in the outer “V” sweeping it into the lash line and in the crease!

4.Taking the “Purple” toned shadow blend above the blue

5.Using the same Blue shade apply underneath the lower lash line taking it about three quarters of the way in.

6.Apply “Lustrafy Mascara in Blackout“.

Let me know what you think and post photos if you try it out yourself!

Have a happy 4th of July! 🙂




How to Pick the Best Weightloss System for You

Losing weight is a hard battle for most people, especially with all the Companies that claim it is “so easy” to lose weight with this pill and that shake and that exercise move…that vegetable..oh my! How do you keep track and know the company is the right one to follow for you? Nothing is perfect but here are some guidelines that can help you start the right track for yourself:


1. Is the company Researchable?

The other day I was in a conversation about this “weightloss system” that actually worked, but when I asked what the Company name was or what  the product was called, the recipient could not tell me the name, and mentioned I had to speak with “someone” to find out this information. The company name should be AVAILABLE PUBLIC, and if its not , RUN.     You want to be able to research basic things like the products, about the company and any success stories freely by yourself without some salesy distributor shoving the information down your throat. This will help you make the best informed decision. If you are unable to find these basic things about the company then I would RUN, this may be a SCAM…

2. Does the company tell you will lose weight by taking a “Magic Pill” or drinking a “Magic Shake”?

If the company tells you do not have to add a physical fitness routine to your Weightloss Plan, I would be concerned on this one too. Taking some pill or drinking a shake is not healthy for losing weight…YES there are HEALTHY protein shakes that should be added to your daily nutrition plan, but it should be replacing a big meal of yours and certainly not more than one meal. Be weary, most companies won’t use the word “magic”, as they know people won’t listen..but they might say something like “Miracle weightloss pill” or “weightloss shake”. The most important thing to keep in mind on this one, is how they implement their “pills” and “shakes”, is it instead of eating? Or is it as a supplement, to supplement what you are not getting in your food?  It should be the 2nd one.

3. How long is the Program?

Weightloss can NOT happen in a month, at least not healthy weightloss. If the company tells you will lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time, again I’d run. You will either be wasting your money or getting yourself on a dangerous system that involves starvation, which can lead to more serious problems. Yes, if you cut your food you will lose weight in the short term; but it’s not sustainable and not Healthy at all!

4 Does the Program allow for flexibility?

No human body is a like, we all need different nutrients for different issues that we may have. If the program seems like a “one-size-fits-all” system, I would think twice about starting the system. Weightloss programs should allow for flexibility within the program. There should be different Programs designed for “certain” types of people; including men vs women and active vs. sedentary. There is no program that is perfect for Everyone, one person may need more iron, another may need more protein…the program should teach these differences and be adaptable.

After doing my research, I found a program that fits all of these guidelines and more!! It’s called the TLS Lifestyle System (TLS stands for Transitions Lifestyle system, was later renamed TLS Lifestyle System or just TLS).


TLS is just that, a lifestyle system, that implements simple changes in your busy lifestyle to get you to your ideal healthy weight. TLS follows the low-glycemic system and adjusts based on past family history and the type of person and lifestyle you lead. Check it out here

Oh, yeah the best part is you will earn cashback off of the products you order to help you lose weight!

Introducing the New Beauty Wonder Fruit


pricklypearMost Beauty Mavens know about the Incredible Benefits of the Great Aloe plant leaf. Few Beauty experts know about an even better wonder fruit…the Prickly Pear.

The Prickly Pear is a Cactus-born fruit Originated from Mexico, and its also been found in the Southwest of America. Though this plant has an initially intimidating appearance, its reddish orange flower bulbs are both beautiful and edible. This sturdy plant can thrive in various areas, even in droughts, and is tolerant of different types of soils, temperatures, and moisture levels.

Though not as well known as other super foods, Prickly Pear has incredible health and beauty benefits that any skincare expert can appreciate. Here are some of the benefits of the amazing fruit:

  • Prickly Pear can be eaten raw, boiled, or grilled. It’s also often used in juice and jams.
  • According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, preliminary studies have shown that the consumption of prickly pear extract may decrease blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • Research also shows that eating this fruit can actually help curb a hangover.
  • Prickly Pears are full of essential dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants

Prickly Pear seeds also reduce dark circles, signs of aging as well as softens your skin. Each small seed is approximately 5% oil, almost 60 lbs. of seeds must be used in order to extract just 34 oz. of oil. Additionally, this plant’s oil is known as an excellent deep conditioning treatment, making hair extra glossy and shiny.

Wow! Sounds like a Beauty Wonder to me! Next time you’re out shopping at Whole Foods, make sure to find “Prickly Pear” in that healthy Juice you want to buy. One option that I know tastes delicious is Frusante, Available here.

Are you going to try this incredible fruit?

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