How to Eat Healthy @ Restaurants

Many people think if they want to lose weight that means they have to  miss out on the fun of eating at Restaurants. This is just simply not the case.

Going to a Restaurant can be done as a treat, celebration, quality time with family or maybe you just don’t want to cook that night. Whatever the reason is, there is no reason you need to shy away from eating with your friends at their favorite restaurant. Here are a few tips to help you still eat healthy while dining out:


Watch the bread/chips intake

If go to an Italian or Mexican restaurant, they usually give you Bread or chips to accompany your meal. These calories can add up quickly and will not keep you feel, since they are made with processed ingredients (and the chips are fried). Limit yourself to a few chips or one piece of bread. Enjoy the conversation with your friends or family instead of munching away on empty calories

Skip the Soda or Mixed Alcohol drinks

Soda is nothing but empty calories and processed sugar that will not help you achieve your weightloss goals. If you want to lose weight, you must eliminate some ‘bad habits’ like drinking soda. Those mixed alcohol drinks are not any better either, you can check out my previous blog on Alcohol drinks and their content Here.

mixed drinks

Start With salad


If you’re having an entrée dish, start your meal with a green salad with lots of veggies (and a light dressing like oil/vinegar) preferably on the side so you can control the portion. Having salad before the meal with fill you up on the good stuff so you eat less starches during your meal.

Be cautious of anything Fried , or “Creamy”

Fried food will never be “good” for you or your diet, these foods can pack on the calories fast and will not make you full. Creamy sauces can contain high volumes of fat since they are most likely made with milks or heavy creams. Try to stick with dishes that use olive oil or seasoning, as these are still high in flavor but not the fat. 🙂

Lastly, Say “NO” to Dessert

Unless its a big celebration, say no to that tempting dessert menu. These options are usually packed with calories, fat and/or sugars, which will add quite a bit to your waistline. If you do opt for that dessert, share with someone (or your whole party). Most of the restaurant desserts are made for sharing, this will give you that taste, but not too much calories.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other additional tips you can think of?

How to Drink Smart

If you are watching your caloric-intake this year, the holidays can be a frustrating time for you since Alcoholic drinks is a big part of the Holiday-time (and any Celebration). I’m here to tell you, that its okay to take that drink (in moderation), even if your on a Weightloss Program this Holiday Season.

Lets start with Beers


Beer is made from Malted Grain products like Barley, Rye, Wheat, hops… which means it can be heavy on the calories. Of course, calories is not the only thing you want to be concerned with when drinking Beer. Since Beer is made of Grains, not ALL grains are bad for you, even if  the Calorie content is high.

The Higher the Alcohol content (ABV), the higher the calories and carbs, since there are 3 x’s more Grains in the beer. However, it does not mean you shouldn’t drink High alcohol beer. Higher alcohol beer also has more “whole” ingredients, since there is unlikely case of added sugars or other ingredients.

Lighter beers (usually the American ones) may have less calories and less alcohol content, but does not mean its a better choice. Some of these beers can be added with High Fructose Corn Syrup or Sugar to compensate for the grains. This is why I don’t always count calories.


Assorted Wines 2

Now lets talk about Wine! There’s a reason why Health-enthusiasts (myself included) love a glass of wine! The ratio of health benefits to calories is outstanding, plus who wouldn’t love the taste of a glass wine? Especially when its good for you! 🙂

Of course not ALL wine are created equal. The Higher the Alcohol content on Wine, the dryer it tends to be, which means Less Calories, and more antioxidant benefits!! An average 5 oz. glass of red or white wine has about 118-128 calories per glass. Which is why we drink in moderation and not gulp our wines by the glass 😉 Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir are usually dryer wines.

You may not be surprised that sweeter wines have less alcohol and more sugar. So if you are weight conscious, stay away from Sweet wines! Moscato, Riesling or Port wines are usually sweet.

Good news is a Dry Champagne has roughly 91 calories. (So drink up this New Years!!)

Liquors and Mixed Drinks

mixed drinks

Even though a shot may look small, don’t let the size fool you, a standard shot at the bar contains a whopping 100 calories. Keep taking those shots and they can add up quick. Of course if you just drink it straight or on the rocks, its not too bad; mix it with a mixer or two and the calories add up real quick, so be careful on this one!

First lets talk about where each liquor come from. Vodka, is made from potatoes, so this will be a starchy one. Tequila is made from plants, making it perfect for that low-glycemic drinker!! (just be careful with those Margaritas!!! Rum is made from sugar cane, tastes great but don’t overdo it . Whisky is made from Rye grain (starchy, but the “good” kind).

Now Sake, a common Japanese drink made from rice wine only has 19 calories per “shot” and is usually drank slowly like liquor. Can be drank cold or hot. (It’s delicious too!)

If I were you I would think twice before asking for that martini or mudslide, as they tend to have lots of creme, sweeteners, and/or food dyes. They can be high in fat and calories. Not ideal for someone trying to lose weight.

Alcohol should never be replaced with your meal in order to offset the calories. Especially since drinking on an empty stomach can lead to having less inhibitions and making poorer choices.

Always drink in moderation and Drink responsibly. (especially this holiday season)

Will you use this guide the next time you go out with your friends?


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Why I love Zumba! Fitness


Zumba Fitness is the Hottest and Newest Exercise Craze to cross this Planet! Why? It’s fun, a great workout, plus you learn some Dance Moves!!

For those of you living under a rock, Zumba Fitness is an exercise class that’s inspired by dances from the Islands.

The best part about attending a Zumba class is you don’t have to be an experienced dancer to have a good time, you just need some energy and a willingness to have some fun! By the end of an hour Zumba class you will be dripping in sweat and you will have fun in the process!

Zumba is also a great low-impact workout for those people that have not worked out in awhile, but still Fun for the Advanced levels! 🙂 Zumba Bonus: Learn some Salsa moves that will come  in handy at that next party you attend!!

Do you Zumba?


Learn more about and Where you can find Zumba close to you at

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How to Make your Own Latte

As we are inching closer to Fall time, nothing is better than sitting by the fire and enjoying a Delicious Latte or Mocha from a Coffeehouse. Getting your Speciality coffee drink from a Fancy Coffee House chain is all fun and games, but the cost (and Calories) can add up quick. Plus there’s nothing better than making your “own” drink, heck that way you can’t yell at the College-student Barista for putting too much milk or too much sugar…

Making your Own Latte Really isn’t that hard,  of course getting the Espresso Machine can be a bit of an expense, but there are deals you can find and with all the competition, the prices are coming down on the “older” machines. Espresso  Machines can range from $60-$2000 and up. Here’s one on the low-price range of $75 from Sears image__175x175__.


Now that you have your Espresso Machine, lets make that Latte!! 🙂 You will Need, your favorite brand of Espresso , you can try My favorite (Marley Coffee Espresso Roast). You will also need your favorite type of Milk (I like Soy), but Whole or Almond Milk is also good. If you want your Latte you can use sugar or one of those liquid sugars from Starbucks or your favorite Coffee house. All coffee houses sell their liquid sugars by the bottle, usually ranges from $10-$15/bottle on average. Okay now that you have all your ingredients, lets make that coffee!!

Step 1: Pour espresso beans in your Espresso Machine (where it says to put the beans), make sure you read the directions for your unique espresso machine.

Step 2: Heat up your milk , using a small heat-proof container. (you can also use the mug you will be using for your coffee drink). Heat milk to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, using a food thermometer to measure.

Step 3: When milk is almost done heating up, push button to pour espresso in your espresso glasses/cups.

Step 4: If you’re having sugar, put the sugar in your mug. Then pour espresso in mug, pouring milk over espresso (for macchiato style, poour milk first then shots on top. )

Step 5: Using a spoon, scoop one scoop of the foam to top. Top with cinnamon for for your liking.

Enjoy your tasty drink!!


Well there you have it. Now go impress your friends with your coffee-making skills. 🙂

How do you like your coffee? Sweet or bitter?

Pretty Purple Eye Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a tutorial, so here’s another one that I just love!! As you know by now, I love Purple and purple eyes are just so magical. What do you think of this one?  by Aurora_Amor por el maquillaje using ALL Motives!


Get the look:
-Eye Shadow base
-Pressed eye shadow in BLIZZARD on brow bone
-NATIVE eye shadow from Element Box palette as transition color on the crease and below lower lashes
-Pressed Eye Shadow in HOT CHOCOLATE defining the crease & lower lashes
-Pressed Eye Shadow in FANTASY on both sides of mobile eyelid
-Khol eyeliner in COFFEE lining waterline
-Gel eyeliner in LITTLE BLACK DRESS on top lashes
-Lala Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening mascara in BLACK on top and lower lashes


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What do you think? Are you going to try this look at home? Post your pics if you do!! 🙂


How to avoid buying junk at Grocery Stores


What you buy has a big influence on your waistline. It can be easy to get side tracked at the store and impulse buy those darn sweets and salty snacks, especially if you have kids. Follow these tips to help you buy smarter next time you shop:

Don’t Shop Hungry

You have probably heard this one before, and its proven true!! Shopping on an empty stomach increases your chances of impulse buying by over 50%. When you’re hungry you want food,so your brain triggers you to want to buy all those food you want vs. what you need. Just avoid unnecessary purchases and eat before you shop!

Shop the Perimeter of the Store First



The Perimeter of the store is where you will you find all the basic food groups in the store. Vegetables/Fruit, Meat, Dairy, Breads. You want to fill your cart up with these products as they  contain the most whole ingredients and are the healthiest for you to eat. The more Whole products in your cart, the less room for junk there is.

Choose a Smaller Cart

Do you really need that oversized cart when you’re only shopping for 2 people? Most grocery stores now have smaller shopping carts. The smaller your cart, the less likely you will have room in your cart for that junk food. If you do have a large family, still be choosy on the kind of cart you choose, most importantly be mindful of what goes in the cart first.

Have a Colorful Cart

Now I don’t mean ask your kids and draw on the cart and make it pretty, by colorful, I mean add items that are different colors. The more variety of colors in your cart from Natural foods,the better. Try to stay away from too much “brown”, as these are usually the starchy items.

Make a List

Making a list can also help you stay on track at the store and not wonder off into other sections. Once you become familiar with shopping smart the list will only be a guide as you get used to buying the same items (you do want to mix it up sometimes so you don’t get bored). If you do have kids, let your kids choose ONE item they would like each week, make sure you stick to one item. This way they feel included in the process and at least they’ll be getting something they want. If they want another item while shopping, ask them if they’d like to take the other item out of the cart. This will teach them how to make decisions as well. Hopefully, the right ones 🙂

Staying on track at the store can be fun if you do it right, always engage your kids and/or significant other in the shopping for the week . This way everyone feels included in the process and it makes it fun for the whole family!!

Do you have any other advice on shopping smart?

Muscles ache? Go for a swim!

After a long week of working out and daily life it’s not un-common for your muscles to be tense and stiff up. The best way to relax your sore muscles and still get your daily workout in? Go for a swim! Don’t worry if you’re not a Top Class swimmer, most people at the Gym aren’t top class swimmers anyway, and even if they are…..who cares?


According to, swimming is a great low-impact workout to relieve muscle soreness from either Overdoing a workout or muscle strain.

If your muscles are sore from over-doing a workout, which is most common for people New to Working out or trying something new, stick with a Low-impact exercise like Swimming to help release the muscle tightness.

If you have muscle strain, recommends that you don’t rest for more than 2 days, since this longer rest can cause loss of muscle tissue. recommends swimming after muscle strain since it increases blood flow to the injured muscle(s).

Where you swim is also important, if you do have muscle strain you want to stay away from a pool that is near a lot of wind, as the breeze can make it worse for your muscles (along with the cold water)

Gyms usually have indoor-heated pools, which is ideal for that low-impact muscle relieving soreness.  🙂

Just jump in the pool do a few laps and when you get out your muscles will thank you! The best part? Since you’re already in your swimsuit, you can hop in the jacuzzi after your swim-workout and relax those muscles even more.

If you do use a Gym pool, usually they’ll have pool weights that can be used in the pool. It’s like doing your weight workout with the resistance of the water. 🙂



Join My Party! :)

filling-in-sparse-eyebrows-using-the-brow-kit-and-eye-baseMotives Cosmetics just gets better and better with each day! At the recent Convention they launched an Incredible feature that allows Users to create their own Party from the comfort of their home (virtually). Yes, that’s right…its a Virtual Makeup Party. The cool part? Hosts can receive profit and Free Products! This is just another reason why I love Motives Cosmetics! Not to mention the Products are FABULOUS!! Can you say Shisheido quality at MAC pricing?? Yup! That’s what Motives is!! High-quality cosmetics at MAC pricing or sometimes lower 🙂

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Stop Throwing Money down the Toilet

When you buy Cheap or “junk” vitamins from Stores like the Dollar Store, Costco, grocery stores and even sometimes the speciality stores like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC you are not getting as much bang for your buck from your vitamins in terms of effectiveness.

You see “pill” form vitamins take your body longer to digest and sometimes they don’t even digest, they just sit there in your body rotting away.

When you take Isotonix Vitamins you get a 98% absorption rate compared to less than 40% with the traditional pill vitamins. Not only are there binders and fillers added to the pills it is hard on your body. In other words you are throwing your money down the toilet!

Here’s a funny video for you to enjoy:


If you want more info on Isotonix Vitamins go here .  

Or here directly to shop


What vitamins do you take?

1st day of Something New

Ever since we grew up being the “New” kid was never a good thing. Being New could sometimes be so frightening our Parents would drive extra mileage just so we can go to our “same” school. Why? Why are we taught being New is scary?

Taking on New activities everyday is rejuvenating and makes you younger! We need to teach our children to always try New things, whether its a healthier food they never tried or a New activity…also being the “new” kid should never be scary.

Today I was kind of the “New” girl again at the gym. I’m not much of a swimmer and haven’t swam much in years. Today, I felt like I wanted to tackle it again! (Yes, if you haven’t done something in a long time it can still be “new”). It was fun and different, and gave me just what I needed to keep at my “usual” routine. Which brings me to my next point,

Usual can get boring and stale, and when you try that New activity it makes you feel more “alive” again and certainly younger. Trying something New everyday, even the smallest things can really change your prospective on life. I encourage everyone to try it.


What have you tried today that’s new?

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