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If you have been following my blogs , you might be wondering why I love motives so much?? Well there are several reasons for why I support Motives Cosmetics. Read on to find out why.

The founders CARE about YOU

Most cosmetics lines just care about making a profit, but with Motives Cosmetics, they actually care about the consumer AND help the consumer become a Motives representative. Loren Ridinger created the line so that the average woman (or man) would have the opportunity to build a successful business from the things she loves the most, (makeup), and what woman doesn’t love makeup? Or at least skincare products to help her feel and look younger more naturally??

High Quality Makeup at Affordable Cost

Everyone knows the “cheap” makeup usually comes at cheap quality, which is why brands like Clinique, shisheido, Bobbi Brown and MAC have done so well in the cosmetics market, despite their high prices. People WANT quality make up to put on their face, not some cheap drugstore brand. With Motives, you get the best of both worlds, a high quality make up (comes from the same manufactures as the high end brands without the high cost). The reason is simple, Motives does not pay to have their product in stores (high over head costs) or for advertising. Yet, they rely on individual motives representatives to build their motives business to sell their products, this makes the products more affordable to the end user (you the consumer).

Motives allows you to build a business

If I have not convinced you enough to try Motives, this last one should do it. You are already buying make up (or know someone that is), why not build a business from products that you already purchasing? No matter how much money you make, there is SOME make up product that you buy at least monthly.

Want more info on Why Motives? Watch this https://youtu.be/0UAFuevKmEk

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