Six pounds a year may not seem like a lot, but over time it can add up, and that is not counting other unhealthy habits if you have them.

We all enjoy a nice out on the town at our favorite restaurant, and I am not saying we should not continue to enjoy a nice night out at a nice restaurant (or even a casual one), but we should be more conscious of our food choices when we eat out at restaurants.

Most entrées at restaurants are too high in fat, sodium, sugar and carbohydrates, than what we should be eating in our daily life. There are some ways you can eat out at restaurants and not gain the weight.

Doing a little research before you go out

Researching the intended restaurant before you go to dine, will help you make better decisions. Sometimes the restaurants’ website will have the menu items listed with the calories, or at the very least they will list the ingredients in the entrées. By doing a little bit of research and not “binge” ordering, you will be more mindful of making the smart decision.

Choose the Option that looks the healhiest

Avoiding the words “fried” or “creamy” will help you with choosing healthier options from the menu. Look for items that are broiled, steamed or baked without lots of cheese and other high saturated fat sauces. You can always ask your server to recommend the “lighter” options on the menu as well.

Be Mindful of the bread and the chips you snack on.

Many restaurants hand out chips (if its a mexican restaurant) or bread before your meal arrives, be aware of how much you are eating, and try to avoid adding butter to your bread if possible. Focus on the conversation with the ones around you rather than eating the chips or bread, and just eat slower.

If you’re going to go for dessert, consider sharing. This will satisfy your craving but cut down the calories dramatically.

Indulging in what you want is important for living and staying healthy, so go ahead and enjoy just be mindful about your choices!!!

Do you eat out often? Any healthy eating tips that you like to keep while eating out?

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