If you have read my earlier blogs on the great antioxidant called OPC-3, you should be excited for this one! If not, let me just take a few moments to talk about what is OPC-3.

OPC-3, is a powerful antioxidant made from Pycnogenol or pine bark extract from a french tree. The “old” way to take OPC 3 was the powder form, which when mixed with water turns into a Isotonic drink, making it the most effective way to take your vitamins.

Why the Chew?

Sometimes it is just too hard to take our daily Isotonix drink, and even though this is the best way to get our vitamins, if life gets in the way and we are just on the go people, taking an OPC 3 chew is easier  to get our daily antioxidants that fight free radicals in our bodies.

Not to mention this chew tastes great!!! Its like chewing on candy , and the best part is the sugar content is low (Okay, the chew will have more sugar than the powder version), but its still relatively low and gives you the same antioxidants you would get in the drink.

Some people can not stand the “chalky” texture of the powder drink, and that is okay, because now we have the chew!! It is so easy to take with you in your bag, whenever you feel like you need a burst of energy pop one of these delicious chews in your mouth instead of getting some coffee and you will be alert longer than you would be with that coffee.

If you want to get your hand on your own OPC 3 chews, you can do so right HERE on shop.com

OPC-3 Chews also comes in form for your little ones to take. Its never too early to get your young ones taking opc-3.

Stay Healthy!! 🙂

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