We have all probably heard this, sitting at a computer all day can ruin your muscles, make you gain weight , cause carpel tunnel syndrome and so on and so on.  And it is true, sitting at a computer all day can strain your muscles and give you poor posture, it can cause back pain, wrist pain, leg pain, all sorts of pains. So how do you deal if your job demands you sit at a computer all day??


Unfortunately, with technology taking over, there is not much we can do to prevent from sitting at a computer, However, we can try to sit more correctly, but sitting up straight and not slouching over. Also, taking frequent but short breaks will help your eyes re focus, as well as help your body get less tense.

There are also other things outside of work you can do. After you are finished with work, try heading to the local gym for a Yoga class, or just getting in some type of exercise in will help your muscles not get tensed up and tight.

While you are on the clock, try standing to get some work done, choose a desk that is comfortable to sit and stand at or if laptops are an option take your work with you to a nearby standing desk. Ask your boss for  a more ergonomic chair (if it is in budget), or bring your own if you can.

Unfortunately, we can not get away from the computer, but there ARE ways we can help prevent the strain. Walking around the office and making some casual conversation with your co-workers will not only get you well known throughout the office, it will help your muscles relax throughout the day. Just try not to get the conversation too personal and keep it work focused as much as possible, you do not want to get in trouble with your boss!!

Do you have any tips on how to keep your posture at work?


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