Some people think there is a magic food that will help them lose weight and swear to only eat that food for a month. I don’t know about you, but I need variety in my life! I’ve always been a fan of eating small meals of food that I enjoy versus larger meals of food that I ehh do not really enjoy.

The saying holds true, “everything in moderation”. Even though if you do want to lose weight, you do need to up your vegetable intake and down your carb and sugar intake, it is healthy to  have a little bit of these things.

It only makes sense that if we cut our favorite foods completely, we will be in regret and hate the “diet” we are on. So, I say go ahead and indulge, just learn to stop. It is important to know which foods are better for you and which foods are not so good for you, this way you will have an easier time “stopping” on the not so good for you foods.

Reading books can be a powerful thing, and a great way to teach us some helpful hints on how to eat healthy. This book  Healthy Small Plates , will help you design delicious and healthy small plates that fit into your lifestyle!

A good rule of thumb to go by when designing your plate would be to make it colorful. Choosing a variety of color on your plate will entail that your plate is healthy (as long as the color is natural and not artificially colored). You also want to have some protein, starches and vegetables on every plate.

If you think you need more to eat, have a healthy snack two hours after your meal, this way you will not over indulge at meal time.

With the Holidays around the corner, you still want to keep the “small plate” mentality alive.



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