When someone is trying to lose weight, they think “oh, I’ll just switch to diet soda”, since its zero calories and sugar it can’t harm them, right? This could not be further from the truth!!

According to Dr. Hyman in his article “How Diet Soda Makes you Fat,” he mentions that diet soda actually increases your body fat vs. helping you shave pounds off!! And why is this true?

Well, if losing weight was really about counting the calories and staying within your “calorie” goal, then why do diet soda drinkers not lose weight and in fact gain weight? (Studies have proven this fact).

If you truly want to lose weight and be healthier, you should be eating WHOLE foods and not concerned about the calorie count. Sure, some foods may have higher calories than others, but that does not mean the “lower calorie” food is any better for you.

What makes us gain weight is SUGAR, not FAT.

People who are concerned with their weight also turn to eating “fat free” and foods that are “low fat”, this will also not help you with your weight loss goals. Since these fat free foods are replaced with more sugar and carbs, making it worse for your body and decreasing your metabolism.

Now, back to the original point on why diet soda will make you gain weight. It’s rather simple actually if you look at it, yet complex. Sounds confusing doesn’t it? Well, when you drink a diet soda, you are tricking your brain really. When you drink that diet soda, your brain thinks there is sugar coming in your body, and triggers your insulin to take effect. Since there is no sugar coming in your body your insulin shuts down, which can cause diabetes. It’s also been proven that diet soda will increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. Ironic when people who are diagnosed with diabetes turn to diet soda, this just makes it worse for them. Diet soda also decreases your metabolism. Just so many problems with diet soda, it should never be a substitute for “regular” soda. At least, not a healthy one, shame on the food industry and media for making people think otherwise!!

Dr. Hyman’s article


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  1. Diet soda scares me to death way worse than the scariest horror movie ever! I always thought there was something screwy about diet soda but when I was younger I wasn’t sure what it was. More recently I’ve been reading articles that say it can rot teeth the same as regular soda and it doesn’t actually result in weight loss. Personally, the few times I’ve had diet soda (not by an enthusiastic choice, by the way) I wasn’t impressed with the flavor. In short, I absolutely agree with you on diet soda.

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