Halloween is tomorrow, and if you do not have a costume already, you can still dress up with this look created by the wonderfully talented Aurora on Youtube. Here’s her video :


With only a few products and some creative spirit,you two can create this look. Are you daring enough to try this look at home?

Products used:

Motives Cosmetics Gel eyeliner in little black dress
Motives Cosmetics khol eyeliner in "angel"
Motives Cosmetics khol eyeliner in “angel”
Motives Mavens Element Palette
Element Box Palette, eye shadow color “Raven” Element box palette, eye shadow color “Aubergine” Motives Mavens Element Palette
Motives cosmetics Liquid eyeliner in Noir
Motives cosmetics Liquid eyeliner in Noir
Motives Cosmetics Glitter transparent adhesive



Motives Cosmetics glitter pot in "ignite"
Motives Cosmetics glitter pot in “ignite”



Motives Cosmetics Lustrafy High definition Mascara in Midnight blue








Creating your own creative does not have to be as complicated as you think, using Motives cosmetics, which is a versatile make up line that provides costume makeup quality and pigments, you too can create a look just like the pros!

For more “get the look” tutorials with step by step directions you can find them over at Motivescosmetics.com/socialmall

The team of Motives Mavens have created some incredible looks for you to create yourself. Every girl deserves to look her very best with some makeup.

With motives cosmetics you can be sure that you are wearing hypo-allergenic and paraben free makeup. Some of those over the counter makeups, contain some harsh chemicals that do not belong in your makeup, yet alone on your skin.

Not only are motives cosmetics made with the highest quality of ingredients, the price point is right there with MAC’s price point. Oh and some of MAC’s makeup contains these harmful ingredients. Just how does Motives do it?

Well, for one Motives does not spend money on advertising nor do they spend to have their product displayed in shelves. They rely on Motives consultants across the globe to promote and sell the products, paying a very generous commission as well. Therefore, Motives has more money spent on the product research than they do on advertising.

Looking for some extra income and love makeup? Contact me to find out more on becoming a Motives Cosmetics, we have free trial programs starting very soon 🙂

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