Snacking can either break your healthy eating plan or help you along the way. Choosing the right snack is not always an easy thing to do when keeping in mind eating healthy, as some snacks can be high in fat, sugar or carbs or all of the above! Here are some of my favorite Healthy snacks that I enjoy throughout my day:

Hummus and PIta hummus-549420-s. This one I like to call my go to snack or “snack staple” as I have it often and love it! Hummus is a great alternative to other dips like ranch or even peanut butter, which are both fattening and high in calories. Hummus on the other hand as a delicious texture, yummy taste and goes well with anything! or I think so! haha!

Celery and peanut butter

Okay, even though peanut butter is high in fat, sometimes we crave it and having the same thing over and over, will get us sick of that something. So if you want some peanut butter, have it with some celery. Celery is actually negative calories since it has less calories in the food than it takes you to chew it (it takes more calories to chew it in other words). Its a delicious, easy and cheap snack as well

Almonds or another type of legume

nuts-fancy-mixed-nuts-1013tm-pic-1569Almonds are essential for your health, containing a high amount of Omega-3 in them. It’s a heart healthy snack in your hand. Feel like something small that you can just pick up? Instead of reaching for those chips, choose the nuts!! In fact go nutty for the nuts!! They’re good for you, plus low calorie.


If you are in the mood for some dairy, choose an organic nonfat greek yogurt. It has a nice creamy texture and sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. I usually go for the yogurt in the morning vs. afternoon though, that’s just me.

What is your favorite snack to snack on during the day?

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