There is nothing that says “Fall” like a nice Warm Tea Latte. Not only will that Coffeehouse Tea Latte empty your wallet, it will pack on the calories. Making your own Tea Latte does not have to be a chore, its actually quite simple. In order to make your own Tea latte will need a few Ingredients, which include:

Milk of your choice (I like plain soy milk)

Tea bag or Tea latte mix (you can choose one of these Mixes HERE) My favorite is the Tazo Chai and Green tea latte mix


You will also need something to heat up your milk, you can either do this on the stove or invest in a milk steamer , there is one at Target for $39.99. Hmm..I might just get one of those!! Here it is

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Okay, now lets make that Tea Latte!

Step 1: Heat up your milk , either by using a sauce pan on the stove and boiling the milk or following the instructions on the steamer (usually you just pour and press a button after plugged in)

Step 2: Pour your Tea latte mix in your desired mug (if you are using the Mix to make it), then just pour milk over your favorite Tea Latte mix and Voila! your Delicious Tea latte is made!!

If you want to make it from a tea bag, just heat up some hot water in order to steep the tea bag. Pour about two ounces of the Tea in your mug, then top with the Steamed milk. You can leave the tea bag in your cup for a stronger tea flavor. Add sugar to sweeten.

Keep in mind, when using the Tea Latte mix, most already have sugar in them, so I would not add any sugar .

Are you a Tea Latte drinker? Will you try this at home?

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