In today’s economy everyone is trying to save a few dollars here and there.  Sometimes we have to cut out some things in our life because of lack of funds. If you are in need of saving some dough or just like to save  a dollar when you can, here’s a list of things you can do to save some serious dough this Holiday season and in the future:



Invest in a Coffee Maker

Instead of buying that Expensive Coffeehouse Coffee everyday, make your own. Coffee makers can range from $20-$100 and up, depending on how fancy you want. If you drink coffee every day even the expensive one will pay for itself overtime.

Make it a Movie Night-In instead of OUT

Going to the Movies can really add up, its not getting any cheaper either. Movies from Netflix or renting from Redbox can be done for pennies, plus what’s more romantic than watching a movie with just your boo without that annoying young teenage couple texting and showing way too much PDA in the movies?

Start Eating at HOME

Eating out is not only not healthy for your, the cost associated can really add up. When you cook at home, you can control the ingredients in your meals plus make a whole meal for less than ONE meal in a restaurant. Exchange just one day per week at first for eating at home vs. going out can make a huge difference.

Check Online for Deals before you go out to the store to buy

Nowadays, it is so easy to get the best price for the product that you need. Just go to a Search site like, before you hit the store to find the very best deal on that product you are searching for.

Choose a Vacation place that is within Driving distance to your Home, instead of  flying.

Road trips can be great bonding time for you and your family, besides airfare can really add up the more tickets you have to buy. And its not getting any cheaper either!! There are plenty of locations within driving distance to where you live, just start googling and exploring your own “backyard”.

What do you think of these tips on saving some green this Holiday season?

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