Many people think if they want to lose weight that means they have to  miss out on the fun of eating at Restaurants. This is just simply not the case.

Going to a Restaurant can be done as a treat, celebration, quality time with family or maybe you just don’t want to cook that night. Whatever the reason is, there is no reason you need to shy away from eating with your friends at their favorite restaurant. Here are a few tips to help you still eat healthy while dining out:


Watch the bread/chips intake

If go to an Italian or Mexican restaurant, they usually give you Bread or chips to accompany your meal. These calories can add up quickly and will not keep you feel, since they are made with processed ingredients (and the chips are fried). Limit yourself to a few chips or one piece of bread. Enjoy the conversation with your friends or family instead of munching away on empty calories

Skip the Soda or Mixed Alcohol drinks

Soda is nothing but empty calories and processed sugar that will not help you achieve your weightloss goals. If you want to lose weight, you must eliminate some ‘bad habits’ like drinking soda. Those mixed alcohol drinks are not any better either, you can check out my previous blog on Alcohol drinks and their content Here.

mixed drinks

Start With salad


If you’re having an entrée dish, start your meal with a green salad with lots of veggies (and a light dressing like oil/vinegar) preferably on the side so you can control the portion. Having salad before the meal with fill you up on the good stuff so you eat less starches during your meal.

Be cautious of anything Fried , or “Creamy”

Fried food will never be “good” for you or your diet, these foods can pack on the calories fast and will not make you full. Creamy sauces can contain high volumes of fat since they are most likely made with milks or heavy creams. Try to stick with dishes that use olive oil or seasoning, as these are still high in flavor but not the fat. 🙂

Lastly, Say “NO” to Dessert

Unless its a big celebration, say no to that tempting dessert menu. These options are usually packed with calories, fat and/or sugars, which will add quite a bit to your waistline. If you do opt for that dessert, share with someone (or your whole party). Most of the restaurant desserts are made for sharing, this will give you that taste, but not too much calories.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other additional tips you can think of?

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