Ever since we grew up being the “New” kid was never a good thing. Being New could sometimes be so frightening our Parents would drive extra mileage just so we can go to our “same” school. Why? Why are we taught being New is scary?

Taking on New activities everyday is rejuvenating and makes you younger! We need to teach our children to always try New things, whether its a healthier food they never tried or a New activity…also being the “new” kid should never be scary.

Today I was kind of the “New” girl again at the gym. I’m not much of a swimmer and haven’t swam much in years. Today, I felt like I wanted to tackle it again! (Yes, if you haven’t done something in a long time it can still be “new”). It was fun and different, and gave me just what I needed to keep at my “usual” routine. Which brings me to my next point,

Usual can get boring and stale, and when you try that New activity it makes you feel more “alive” again and certainly younger. Trying something New everyday, even the smallest things can really change your prospective on life. I encourage everyone to try it.


What have you tried today that’s new?

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