In a short answer,  I want to “live”. What I mean by this is I enjoy celebrating occasions and those occasions of course have food involved. Of course the “food” that is involved is never on any “diet” list. I also understand that there are certain foods that we should not eat due to the aging properties involved, for starters BBQ’d food or food cooked at high temperatures can cause aging effects on the body. I choose to enjoy my life with the food I like most, however since I know about the harm of said foods,I still want to live a long life…which is Why I choose supplements. For me it’s a better choice.

Another reason I choose to supplement is because I know our vegetables today are not the same as 20-30 years ago….there are more pesticides and chemicals and less vitamins/minerals. We still need our daily essential vitamins. Its actually cheaper to just supplement than to eat even more fruits/vegetables to get our daily recommendation.


I’m not saying that we can just whatever the heck we want to eat and supplement , and we’ll magically be healthy. Not at all! We still need to follow the daily recommendation of nutrition, as food is still the best way to satisfy our needs; However I choose to optimize my health to the fullest, therefore I choose to supplement what I’m lacking. I also want to “live” a little and enjoy some favorite foods, but still limiting the “bad” foods to a minimum.

Also, not all supplements are created equal  Read more on my Products page about Isotonix supplements and why there really is nothing better.


If you would like to take a FREE ASSESSMENT on what vitamins/minerals you may need to take that you unaware of please comment below.

Do you take supplements? If so, why?




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  1. I take supplements every day – fish oils, Vitamin D, a multivitamin/hair, skin, nails supplement. I notice a difference in how I look and feel when I forget to take them consistently.

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