As the summer season approaches many people who have been “dieting” might get frightened. During summer we tend to vacation more, which leads to packing on more calories than we would hope to put on otherwise. Living and eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up living completely.  Here are some useful easy swaps to remember this summer:

1. Say no to the “F-word”


Yes, that’s right, the F-word meaning Fried food. Wherever your summer plans take you, you’re more than likely to run into plenty of fried foods. Fried foods can pack on more calories than anticipated. The world famous funnel cake packs on over 650 calories, a better choice would surprisingly be cotton candy. Sharing the cotton candy with the family would be an even better choice to make. Even fried zucchini and mushrooms contain over 200 extra calories. Choosing veggies, cheese & crackers or hummus would be wiser choices to make.

2. Choose the right size dog


Summer season is famous for hot dog eating, after all July is “national Hot dog month”. Opting  for the smaller version of that dog can save you nearly 600 calories. If you’re going to the game this summer try to avoid that Jumbo-hot dog which contains 750 calories and 68 grams of fat! Paired with a 16 oz. beer, that’s another 200 calories + added. The regular size hot dog would be a better choice , which contains about 250 calories, and a 12 oz. light beer would have 100-120 calories. 

3. Swapping your frozen cocktails


When its hot, and we’re in the party mood, we tend to go for those frozen cocktails. A frozen margarita can contain 900 calories! Setting your diet plans back quite a bit. Since these frozen cocktails are usually large in size, they can contain more alcohol than anticipated.

A better choice would be my personal favorite, Mojitos! Mojitos are made with  rum, cane sugar, lime juice , club soda and mint leaves; containing around 170-230 calories. Added bonus: They’re delicious too!! 🙂


Of course, if its during the day and hot out, staying away from alcohol would be your best option, since alcohol drinks are the most dehydrating beverages one can choose. (yes, even that mojito  can dehydrate you!)

4. Choose the right beverage


Speaking of hydration, choosing sugary soda drinks will only dehydrate you more, and with the caffeine soda drinks, it only makes it worse! It’s amazing how many people classify a “Coke” as “refreshing” , or even a “refreshing” lemonade can contain between 200 and 250 calories! 

The best beverage to drink when you need hydration is regular water (surprisingly hot water will actually hydrate you more than iced) or coconut water. (with no added sugar). Zico coconut water contains only 60 calories, 14 g sugar ( that’s natural sugar from the coconut), 690 mg. of potassium, and a numerous amount of other essential vitamins and minerals. Potassium is what our body needs for hydration. Eating bananas would also be a good idea.

5. Be mindful of overeating at parties

If you happen to attend summer parties , be careful of overeating. Whoever is hosting will make sure there’s plenty of snacks available. Munching on chips without thinking how much you’re eating can lead to extra calories. 20 potato chips have about 200 calories. The best way to overcome eating too much is to take small handfuls of chips, or even look for healthier options like veggies.


Remembering saying “no” is okay  too. Sometimes, our friends can influence us to overeat or over  drink more than we anticipated. It’s okay to have a little splurge, but if you don’t want the extra weight of those added-on calories remember to know when to stop. Afterall, it’s your body not theirs. Will they pay your medical bills when those fattening foods turn into medical drama.? Likely not. Take control of your weight and health..and say NO to Fried, processed, over sugary, high fat junk food!


Have a happy and healthy summer everyone! 🙂


What are your healthy eating tips for the summer?

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