Who ever told you eating out wasn’t healthy? The reverse is actually true! Eating out is a part of life that everyone enjoys! Just because you made the decision to change your diet and eat healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t eat out. Of course, if you do want to lose those pounds you’ve been wanting to lose, I’d follow these simple Do’s & Don’ts of eating out:



  • Order sauces on the side
  • Start your meal with a salad, soup or consommé
  • Split your plate in half and save one half for lunch the next day
  • Have a small snack before you go
  • Balance your plate with mainly vegetables, keeping meat and grains in their proper portion sizes
  • Order main courses based on vegetables, not with vegetables as an after thought
  • Order foods that are roasted, braised, steamed, grilled, broiled, or pan seared


  • Order heavy cream sauces
  • Load up on the butter
  • Forget the veggies
  • Fill up on alcohol
  • Fill up on empty carbs like chips
  • Add extra sauce
  • Overdo the cheese
  • Double/Triple/Quadruple the meat portion
  • Order fried food

If any “diet plan” tells you not to eat out, I’d continue looking for another plan. It is possible to enjoy life, dine out AND still be in control of your weight and weight loss goals.

Another, big point to “dieting” ; if the plan says you will lose weight without exercise, they are LYING to you!! To live a healthy lifestyle , you must exercise!! This helps your body fat turn into lean muscle mass.

Okay, one last thing; if you do want to lose weight take a look at the Transitions Lifestyle System (or TLS); or simply reply to me and I’ll connect you with a local certified weight loss consultant.

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