Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

As you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready for that BBQ with family/friends. Ever wanted to wear blue eye shadow but you didn’t know how to do it without looking clownish? Try this tutorial by the wonderful “Ely Marino” using the Motives Mavens “Muse” palette:


1.Begin by applying “Crème Fresh” onto the brow bone and to the first half of the eyes

2.Apply the “Orange” toned shadow, from the “Muse” pallette  to the outer part of the lid! Staying motivescosmetics_f8939f1b3f7b7b8896b473fcafba45e3200bbf0dunderneath the crease

3.Using the “Blue” apply it in the outer “V” sweeping it into the lash line and in the crease!

4.Taking the “Purple” toned shadow blend above the blue

5.Using the same Blue shade apply underneath the lower lash line taking it about three quarters of the way in.

6.Apply “Lustrafy Mascara in Blackout“.

Let me know what you think and post photos if you try it out yourself!

Have a happy 4th of July! 🙂




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