The sun is coming out, the days are getting longer, more people are hitting the gym, schools are must be one thing SUMMER IS HERE!! Before you head to the beach take a look at these Summer Hairstyles and let your hair flow like the waves.

Down Loose Curls

If you are attending a Summer Soiree, most likely you want to give your hair a nicer look. The loose curls are perfectly elegant , and doesn’t require much work. For the best look, use a smoothing cream as you blow-dry your locks. Then try one of our tourmaline straighteners that could be doubled as a curling iron.

Down Rumpled Waves


Beach Waves are as essential as using a SPF at the beach, well almost. It’s also so easy to achieve no matter your hair style.
If you have curly hair, prep-dry your hair with a towel and then just blow-dry til its 95% dry; using a Styling Cream with Frizz-Free action (Try Fixx Argon oil NO Frizz)
If you have straight hair, blow dry your hair twisting it into natural braids. Press over the braids with one of our flat-irons. This will set your waves so when you untie them they will set into the waves.Use a hair spray to help keep your look. (photo courtesy of

Ponytail: Mixed Textures


No one can rarely go wrong with a pony, especially in the summer when you hot and don’t want your hair in your face. Try this sleek pony look like Jennifer Aniston is sporting for an easy-sleek style. (photo courtesy of )

Not satisfied with the amount of hair to work with Try one of our 100% Remy Extensions today

What do you think of these summer hair styles? Which one are you going to try? Have another style that you love? Share below!

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