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Summer is Officially (un-officially) here, which means bring on the Picnic parties. Ever not sure what to wear or bring with you to that picnic party ? Whether it’s a summer BBQ at the Park with a few friends or a picnic at the Lake or Beach, don’t forget these essentials!

Pair of Sunglasses and a cute Hatgirlwearinghat

You don’t want to be the person squinting to see your food or at your friend when she’s talking to you about her latest boyfriend break-up do you? Having a nice pair of shades and a Hat will also protect your beautiful skin from Skin Cancer. Try a trendy Fedora hat or a wide sun-brim hat, paired with your favorite shades. Designer or Not Designer, any will do the trick. Try this hat from Sierra Trading Post.


Unless you want to leave the picnic looking like a lobster, you might want to slap on some Sunscreen, at least 45 SPF. Try Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50+. Wearing Sunscreen also protects your skin from not only skin cancer, but from those ugly aging spots. Be careful of the “cheap” brands of sunscreen also, they can have more chemicals than actually good ingredients to protect your skin.

Picnic Style Prints

If you’re going to a 4th of July Picnic, you probably want to take the opportunity to wear some Red, White and Blue colors. The plaid look just screams Patriotic, don’t you think?
Just don’t overdo the plaid, one plaid piece per outfit, either a skirt or a plaid top paired with a pair of jeans will suffice.

Maxi Dresscalypso-target-5439603-l

Want to be a little more feminine and wear a dress? A maxi dress is both comfortable and stylish. Try this one from Kohl’s without breaking the bank either! Comfortable enough to sit on a picnic table with or even on the ground, yet it’s cute and stylish for your feminine side!


What are you wearing to your next Summer Picnic? Have any other suggestions?

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