Hi Lovelies!

We all have it, stress of work, family, bills the kids,what to cook for dinner, how it turned out , the list goes on. Busy hectic schedules causes STRESS.


When we are stressed we tend not to eat as healthy as we should be eating, our diets start to slack, our exercise goes out the window; when Ironically you should be exercising when you’re stressed. However, not only will Stress cause health-related problems like heart conditions and other sicknesses and diseases; stress will also damage your hair.

Our hair needs nutrients, which we get from the foods we eat. If we aren’t putting the right foods in our body, our hair will suffer. If you lose more than your 100 strands a day, you should consult your Doctor. Your Doctor will probably tell you that you need more B12, Zinc, and Iron in your diet.

You can also try to treat it topically by using thickening shampoos, like FIXX thick-hair shampoo for example. If you want to add even more Volume, you can try one of our Fabulous 100% Remy Clip-On Hair Extensions.

Stress can also cause you to get Grey hairs, ever notice how the President of the United States always leaves office with more grey hairs than when he came in office; stress.


Unfortunately, there is no “cure” to get rid of Grey, all you can do is Cover it. You can try using Permanent colors, which can have harmful side effects to your hair; depending on which Color you choose. Or you can go the easy route and try one of our Extensions and cover your Grey in a SNAP! Request your FREE sample HERE.

Once you’re a Ready to purchase your Fab Clip-On Remy’s, enter Code JcelebS for your Special 10% off!! 🙂

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any tips to help the grey/hair loss?

Relax. Calm. Enjoy

Stay Beautiful!!

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