With the Warmer weather we all love, comes the dread of dehydrated lips. One way to combat this is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Of course for some of us, we still get that dry lip and want to spruce up our lips a bit with some Gloss..yet we don’t want the smudge from the humidity to happen. Here are a few tips to help your Lips stay hydrated and sexy this summer:


Use a Lip-Stain

If you want that “just-bitten” look, try using a lip stain. This is perfect for those water park , beach or pool-side party days. A lip stain won’t smudge or melt off, which is ideal for the warmer weather; especially when you’ll be outside. Try Revlon’s Just-Bitten Lip Stain +Balm

Lip Balm

Going natural is always ideally sexy during summer, and looks effortless! The best way to achieve this would be using a lip balm that has no color or to use one to play up your natural lip color, with a slight hue. A great balm should give you a great soft, kissable pout without the effort. Try this colorless hydrating lip balm by Motives or this Lip Shimmer in Apricot by Burt’s Bees.

Lip Gloss

For a sexy-laid back look, a girl can never go wrong with a little gloss at the beach or pool. For a sexy-glossed look Try Motives Mineral Lip Shine in Scandal (now doesn’t that just sound sexy?) Or for more of a flirty look, Try L’ancome’s Juicy Tubes-Ultra Glossy in Berry Bold.

Bright Lipstick

If you’re a classic lipstick girl, a great way to brighten your summer look up, is with a Bright lipstick. Of course, before you even think about smacking that Lip Color on, make sure your lips are prepped and smooth; think of it as a primer for your lips. Try using this Vitamin E Lip Treatment by Motives. I absolutely love this one!!! Then follow it up with a bright orange or color lip color, the hottest trends for summer! Use your favorite stick or Try this Mineral Lipstick in Orange Coral.


How do you wear your lips in the summer time? Any other tips?


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