Recently, I came across this awesome new site called Poshmark. 

Basically, it’s a site for Ladies to Sell that gently-worn dress in the back of their closet and buy some other Woman’s gently worn dress. (Or you can just keep the profit) It’s kinda like eBay, except its only for Women’s Fashion and Accessories. There are also Posh Parties to buy and sell from multiple women live. It’s a like a live tweet marketplace.

Poshmark also takes care of the shipping for you, when you sell an item, the email you a pre-paid USPS postage stamp (included in the selling price), Just print, pack in a box and leave in a blue USPS mailbox. Then wait for your money to arrive straight to your bank account!

To me Poshmark sounds like a fun Instagram-esqe shopping platform for Women. Why just throw that old piece of clothing (that’s still wearable) to Goodwill, when you can make some money. You paid good dollars for your clothes, get some of it back!

Are you going to join?


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