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Hope everyone had a restful and fun Holiday weekend, now its back to the grind..sure feels like Monday..doesn’t it? As a healthy person, I went started my week with another great gym workout. Started off with Zumba…was a bit late to the class…but still got an effective workout. Then I was fortunate enough to be able to join a specialized class by one of the trainers. Not only was it a good sweat, I learned a lot about proper form and technique. And some nutrition facts. Here’s a little on what I learned:

Cardio is great, but only burns calories. If you want to actually lose body fat (which is the healthy way to lose), you must strength train. You can did this several ways, one by attending the “Body Works class” (at LA fitness)..each Gym has a different name for the class, adjust accordingly, usually it has the words “Body” or “works” or “strength training class”. Not a group person? You can workout on your own by Starting with some lightweights (Females start with about 5 lbs..unless you’re a newbie start with 2.5).

Start with Set of Bicep Curls (10 reps of 3 sets of all exercises),

Next, Overhead Presses

Shoulder Presses , Push-ups, Upright Rows and mix in some Squats/lunges somewhere in there. (A good workout should last you about 30 minutes). If you find yourself getting too tired to do any weights after your cardio, you need to A)cut down the cardio or B)start with weights.

The weight doesn’t matter, what matters is you have the RIGHT FORM. There’s no point of any doing any exercise if its wrong, you will only injure yourself rather than gain. It’s better to do less correctly than more the wrong way. For Squats, your knees should not bend in, you should be able to life your toes when you squat, and you butt needs to go back..work on going lower each time. Right form is better than going low the first time the wrong way.

On the nutrition, know your body and what you can digest easiest. Do you tend to bloat when you eat bread products? maybe you should cut the bread? Do you feel more energized when you eat greens, meat? Eat more of that. Everyone is different, which is why there is no such thing as a “Quick fix” diet. Everyone will not do well not eating carbs, or eating protein. Only you know what makes you feel good and energized, and eat that more! Most importantly, don’t cut what you love completely. Yes, if you do want to lose weight, you will need to cut out the bad like excess sugars, fats, carbs. But eliminating your favorite foods completely will only make you crave it more and then you’ll end up splurging. Instead, focus on eating whole foods and reward yourself every so often with the foods you like, but may not be good for you, and NEVER feel bad about eating that food, EVER.

Eat right, Exercise Right, Feel Better!

What do you think of these healthy lifestyle choices? Do you have any favorite workouts or struggles?

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