Sometimes we need to slow down a bit and listen to our bodies, and just BREATHE. Hmm..maybe some Yoga influence?

Listening to our bodies when we have falls, injuries or struggles is important for success. Yes Success! True success doesn’t always have to be go, go, go! In fact, the most successful people take the most vacations…

This morning I was about to go for my usual workout, when I noticed my shoe was rubbing against my ankle (bad choice of socks) was extremely painful and started to bleed..instead of just going to workout…I listened to my body and decided to just take a rest day. It’s all for a reason and I don’t regret it. Yes, I’m sad that I missed my favorite Zumba class of the week….but there’s always next week. Now, am I not going to be active today? No, just had a minor detour in my daily routine today. It’s okay, change is GOOD, forces me to keep focusing the main picture.

Tomorrow’s a new day! Always keep going and learn from yourself.


How often do you take breaks?

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