I’ve been going to the gym pretty consistently now (yay go me..for having more time and keeping a routine!) 🙂 Anyways, usually I choose to go the Zumba or some other workout class, which is  a good workout, but doesn’t allow me to build independent strength.

Today I tried working out on my own….Usually I just hop onto the Ellyptical and mindlessly stroll for 15-20 minutes. Today, I decided to change it up a bit and Worked out as follows:

5 min – Ellyptical (fast)

5 min- the “other” kind of Ellyptical (fast….incline 10)

5 min- Treadmill (fast walk 4.0)

5 min- Cycle (fast)

25 Squats (using the squat machine to perfect my form)…sometimes using Machines is good for this reason

25 Leg Presses

2 sets of 20 Adduction & Abduction Hips (2 sets of each)

2 sets of 25 Turso Rotations

100 Rows on Row Machine

Finished off with some Pilates Stretches and Leg Lifts (10 minutes)

Total Workout time: 1 hour

One hour is all you need for a good workout! There’s no need to think that you need any more than 1 hour. They also say just 30 minutes all you need. For beginners, yes start with the 30 minutes and work up to the 1 hour workout. Any longer you’re just wasting time, unless you have Millions of dollars in the bank…you can spend longer at the gym. If not, stick to the hour, shower fast and get on with your day. Also, don’t sit on the computer too long…take breaks. Take frequent breaks.


How do your workouts look like?

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