If you were on Social Media the past 2 days, most likely you have probably heard about the Disneyland Resort Price Hikes, and most likely there was probably some RANTING going on. In my opinion, that is just immature people who don’t know anything about business. Recently I read a blog from Babes in Disneyland about the Disneyland Price Hikes.

For those of you not aware of the Cost of Disneyland the Increase is as Follows:


$96- for a One-day One park ticket (Ages 10+)..up $4

$150- for a One day park Hopper (Ages 10+)..up $13

And, the “So-Cal” Annual pass has been eliminated, however those passholders who currently have it can still renew it.

The Cost of an AP pass went up as well, starting at roughly $350 for the lowest one and up to $699 for no block-out dates and includes price  of parking (Which also went up to $17).

Yes, I agree those prices are EXPENSIVE, and may bring in less people through the gates of Disneyland, but I’m not mad about the Disneyland Price Hikes, Why?

Everyone¬† that goes to Disneyland complains about how crowded it was or how expensive it was. And guess what? going to Disneyland is a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT!!! No one is entitled to go to Disneyland, if you want to go, get off your Lazy ass and work hard for it! Yes, I know the economy is tough! Trust me I graduated College at the WORST time, but sitting on your butt and complaining about the rise of Disneyland, the Rise of gas prices, the rise of Food etc etc… is NOT going to do anything!! Why not be smarter with your money and find ways to SAVE so you can enjoy the finer things in life, like going to Disneyland? For example, instead of eating out all time, stay home and cook…it’s healthier for you too! Try walking to more places rather than using so much gas to drive to every little place and most importantly find ways to increase your income.

How do you feel about the Disneyland price hikes? Are you still going to go?

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