Ever since the trend of the ‘Gluten-Free” diet started rolling out, I’ve been weary about it myself. I’m never one to just on a bandwagon, especially when it comes to dieting. I always live by the philosophy, “everything in moderation”.

Now, there’s proof from Forbes Magazine that the glorified Gluten-Free diet may just be in fact ‘Another” glorified Atkins Diet. Read more here

In sum, the article explains that the subject’s reaction to Gluten is all psychological and no clear evidence concludes that this is actually the problem. Not to mention if you have Celiac disease, which is a RARE disease you would know about since birth.

It’s rather funny (well actually sad) that the mass of people get sucked into the Media’s “crap” all the time and believe something they see on TV/Internet/magazine. The reasons you feel so much better after going “gluten-free” are basically all in your head! You tell yourself you will feel better about eating this way, so you do feel better this way. And the weight loss? well, imagine eliminating high calorie sweets and breads from your diet? Yeah, doesn’t take a rocket science to figure that you will lose weight. In my opinion, going Gluten-Free is NOT necessarily healthy. Okay, neither is your Chocolate Croissant paired with your Espresso Frappuccino from Starbucks. It’s all about moderation, and balance. Stop being “Afraid” of Gluten, it’s not the bad guy. Yes, I do agree that if you want to lose pounds, you should cut the refined sugars. but there’s no need to be come obsessed with Gluten-free. Besides, buying “gluten-free cookies” is pretty much the same as having a “diet coke”, the substitute will ALWAYS¬† be worse!!! why? its substituted with damn chemicals!!!


If you do want to help your body absorb the food you eat on a daily basis, I recommend taking supplements. As long as their Natural. Personally, I take Isotonix , since I like that they will actually absorb in my body.


All in all, just eat what you want, well not too much of what you “want” and more veggies..train yourself to eat dessert last, so you are too full to have a lot.

What are your thoughts on Gluten-Free? Considered it?

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  1. I myself have mixed feelings about it. I do think that there are those who have gluten intolerance just like any other food sensitivity. But I think you are right in that arbitrarily cutting gluten for health reasons has little to do with gluten itself and more to do with making healthy choices.

    • It’s more of people hopping on “bandwagons” vs. “making healthy choices”. True healthy living is everything in True Moderation. It’s the same as the person that read that Kale was this superfood and now makes every dish with Kale..including cookies, breads, pastas, etc…

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