Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

For those of you like me that totally just flipping forgot, the Oscars were on last night. Once again, I did  not tune in. There are a variety of reasons why I did not tune in to the Oscars this year, here are some of them:

Well like I said, I just forgot they were on

I choose to live life outside of the tube. Of course I do spend time online, writing, but I do enjoy life getting things done and spending time with my fiance instead of spending 3 hours watching the celebrities (who I do not even know and hardly think I will ever know them) talk about “who they are wearing”, which brings me to my next reason.

I really do NOT care “who” the celebrities are wearing

Call me crazy but I have more important things to do than sit through a red carpet show of reporters asking celebrities who they are wearing tonight. Um, really who cares? I will not be able to afford that gown this year any way, and even if I could, I would rather not spend the money on an expensive gown , and would rather live in a nice house in California and travel the world. Clothes can still be nice at a fraction of the cost of Oscar wear.

I haven’t even been to the movies (well saw a few movies)

I like to spend my time outside of the “screen” , enjoying life and not watching movies. Maybe because I spend a lot of time blogging that I do not want to spend another 3 hours in front of a screen watching a movie. I have to admit I did watch the American Sniper movie, and it was a real good movie (everyone should see it by the way). I still don’t need to spend 5 hours of my Sunday watching some silly award show.

Last night I spent time with those that care about me not watching some silly award show.

3 Responses to Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

  1. Danae says:

    I don’t care to watch the awards, the past few times I watched the Oscars I didn’t “agree” with the choice winners :p Plus I don’t care what expensive designer outfits the celebrities are wearing

  2. Dick says:

    I think I rather watch the show that I like

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