Hoggle’s Trinkets

On a jewelry forum we have monthly challenges, June’s challenge was to use up some of our “bead soup”. Bead Soup is the beads left over from other projects you just toss in a drawer and hope you can use in some project later down the road. My jewelry for years has been made from bead soup, random glass bead mixes bought at the store, that’s what I first used when I started creating jewelry, for example the geometric wire charms with beads were made from bead soup. I’ve been a fan of gypsy/boho styles for a long time (though I was never encouraged to delve into it until recently). I decided my bead soup challenge pieces would be boho-chic themed and created these bangles (I’ve used the same method before to create bangles from glass beads, on my jewelry site the glass beads one are called “Rock Candy”). These bracelets are made from a mix of wood, bone, plastic, resin, glass, and gemstone beads. Five out of six are done in the bangle style (using a single piece of wire to form the catches and the form without cutting the wire other than the original cut for the length needed). The sixth bracelet (top right hand corner) has been strung on beading wire asymmetrically. The large orange charm is a recycled necklace pendant. The green tassel on the bangle in the bottom left hand corner was hand-made; my favorite thing about these bracelets is that they never come out the same.

I can’t take credit for naming this collection though, my friend Alex said they reminded him of the trinkets Hoggle asks for in “The Labyrinth”. If I remember the movie correctly Sarah is trying to get information from Hoggle who refuses to say anything useful at all unless she trades him something. He takes a liking to her jewelry and the deal is struck.

Currently these are not listed for purchase yet now that I have a new memory card for my camera I can take better quality photos, these were taking with an android phone and posted to instagram.

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