5 Jul

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

For the past couple of years, I have learned many vegan and vegetarian recipes on YouTube, which have increased my interest in cooking, especially putting together raw vegan meals. I suddenly have this passion for raw vegan and vegan cooking, and I don’t really like to cook. My second passion is making different coffee drinks via French Press and Moka, as well as trying out coffee recipes from different countries.

So, I decided to create my 12th site here–My Internet Coffee Shop, where I will discuss coffee, movies, art, and books.

Since today was a quiet July 4th, I spend my whole day working on my graphic novel while watching Lord of the Rings marathon on the indie channel. I occasional took Affogato Al Caffe breaks. I have also learned how to make Bavarian Coffee, Cuban Coffee, Turkish Coffee, Irish Coffee, and many other coffee drinks.


My Moka doesn’t have a black cap over the silver nozzle. So, I am wondering if I can still make cappuccino with my Moka. But I would like to try this demonstration anyway, even though I might make a big mess in the process.

While watching Lord of the Rings marathon today, I realized that I prefer to read the books than watch the movies. I seem to be lost in the movies because they are hard to follow. It is mostly war scenes, similar to Star Wars, in which I feel it is all based on the same theme of the New World Order, Zionism, World Domination, One World Govt and One World Order. The Ring has to do with One World Order and One World Domination, and that is their main mission of their long walking tour to get the ring from Gollum. This movie also reminds me of Wizard of Oz. They all have the same dark theme about Zionism, One World Dominance, NWO, wars, and resistance. They just each have different characters because of different environments.