A Mole Can Dig a Tunnel Long 70 Meters For One Night

Moles are very lively beings, in a constant search for food. They weigh only 170 grams. They feed on worms and bugs, and live in the ground, at a depth of half a meter. The moles are blind but they can hear perfectly. On the front feet they have long, flat nails, which they use for digging and pushing the ground. They move around the tunnels wide about five centimeters, which they constantly dig. The excess of ground the mole expels  on the surface forming a molehill. It’s about five kilos of ground every day.

Did you know that a mole can dig a tunnel of 70 meters for one night. Wow! How cool is that! It would be great if we could use them for digging mines and doing all other work underground. They know how to swim, and with the help of tail they can move backwards. They live alone, and they socialize with other moles only during mating season which happens once a year.

Although people may consider them pests, they are not. Moles do not destroy plants, and do not eat them. Moreover, moles are useful because they mix the ground. They used to be hunted by people because of their fur.

In several countries moles are protected species. Their life span is eight to 10 years, and they sleep three times a day. These are trly fascinating little creatures and as usual people have wrong opinion about them. I believe that all animals on this planet have some purpose. Everything is there for some reason. Moles are there to mix the ground. I know that they can be annoying with all those molehills, but the next time you see a molehill remember that they can dig a 70 meters long tunnel. Tha is so amazing, don’t you agree?

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Photo was taken from morguefile.com.

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