Getting to Know the Pine Martin

Have you ever seen a pine marten? Pine martens are nifty little critters. They are closely related to weasels, minks, badgers and ferrets, they are fun to watch and martens are not especially afraid of people, though they are secretive and are not often seen. They have been hunted and trapped for their fur, however, and in some places, they still are. Marten diet Like other members of the weasel family, pine martens are carnivores. Their main food is virtually any small rodent they can catch. As it happens, they are very talented at catching their prey, too. Still, they will also take insects, lizards, snakes, an occasional amphibian and they will even eat grains and fruits on occasion. This creature is built long and close to the ground. Because of this, they can easily navigate the burrow of a ground squirrel or similar prey. The tail isn’t as long as the body, and isn’t greatly bushy. The body is amazingly supple and flexible, though. Marten appearance The coloration of a pine marten varies from a warm, rich brown with some yellow to grayish, and this partly depends on the season and the area they are living in. Pine martens have a white belly. The fur is quite dense, especially in winter. Color variations often occur between summer and winter. This is protective coloration and also helps the animals elude detection by their prey, as a brown pelt blends in with the forest background in the summer and a grayish Continue Reading →

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