How to Properly Handle Water Snakes

I’ve already mentioned that water snakes make interesting and good pets. Still, since they exist in the wild, they have instincts that cause them to be cautious of people, whether the snake came from a pet store or was caught out in the wild. It is a good thing that it isn’t at all difficult to hand tame these snakes or to handle them properly. The snake breed By using the term, ‘water snake,’ people should understand that this doesn’t mean all snakes that live in the water. Indeed, many snakes spend a great deal of their time in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and even in the ocean. However, water snakes are those belonging to specific species. These snakes are occasionally known to bite but they seldom do, unless they are stressed and feel frightened, or when they are trying to protect themselves. Even when they do bite, the snake is harmless and shouldn’t be feared. True water snakes are docile animals. The snake’s trust As with nearly all wild animals, in order for water snakes to accept a person’s touch, the snakes need to build up some trust so they know that they aren’t going to be hurt. It can help a person to know that they don’t bite often, since the trust works both ways. Snakes have the ability to sense fear, just as many animals can, and fear can make them nervous. The first step is then to understand the snake and to not be afraid of Continue Reading →

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How to Tame a Wild Squirrel

I love watching squirrels playing over the ground and chasing one another up trees. I’ve been lucky to live in places that have lots of wild squirrels to watch. Wild squirrels can be apprehensive when it comes to being around people. It isn’t difficult to tame them, however. It does take patience and the right technique, but a person can get the little critters to have enough trust to accept food from their hand or sit in the person’s lap, all while still remaining wild. It doesn’t even matter if they are ground squirrels or tree squirrels. Understanding the skittishness Wild squirrels have a good reason to be nervous. They have many predators, including cats, dogs, birds of prey, snakes, foxes, coyotes and many others. Instinctively, they know that most creatures that are larger than they are can be a huge threat. Humans are potential predators, so one of the first impulses the small rodent has is to run away from people. Understanding this is a first step toward taming the diminutive creature. Human movements around wild squirrels People often have a tendency to move in quick ways that can initially trigger a fear response in a squirrel. The animal is normally killed and eaten after quick motions by predators, after all. They have instincts that tell them, “Run! Get away!” To gain the trust of the creature, all movements made should be exaggeratedly slow. This helps the squirrel know that there aren’t harmful intentions involved. Posture and position A Continue Reading →

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