Make Your Own Liquid Stevia Extract

I’ve written a couple of articles so far about the wonderful plant called stevia or more properly,¬†Stevia rebaudiana.¬†It is easy to grow and it is fantastic for dieters and diabetics because it has no calories and no glucose. In fact, some studies suggest that it might actually lower insulin resistance of cells and reverse some of the problem with diabetes. It can easily take the place of refined sugar in your diet because the plant is about 600 times sweeter than sugar. It is potent stuff. Stevia can be purchased as an extract, either powdered or liquid. This can be cost prohibitive. It can be purchased in the store, for instance as products called “Stevia-in-the-Raw” and “Tuvia“. However, these have other non-glucose sugars added, such as erythritol or isomaltulose (corn sugar). Part of the reason is that stevia is so powerful that a teaspoon of powdered stevia has the same sweetening power of over a cup of refined sugar. The additives make it less likely that a person will use so much that it is bitter. Still, considering the amount of stevia in the package, this is also expansive. I recently priced a bag of Stevia-in-the-Raw that weighed less than a pound and the cost was $9.97. Naturally, your health is worth far more than this, so it is worth it. However, most of this was taken up by other sugars, so the amount of stevia in the bag was minimal. A person can also buy dried stevia leaves and Continue Reading →

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