Feeding Pet Gopher Snake

Not everyone likes snakes and quite a few are afraid of them. However, many other folks like snakes and wouldn’t hesitate to have one as a pet, if they knew enough about the snake. A lot of those people feel that gopher snakes are one of the best snakes to have as pets. A large part of this is because of their extremely docile nature, more so than nearly any other kind of snake. Though they can grow in excess of five feet long and occasionally almost double this, and although they tend to be full-bodied snakes, their needs are simple. I’ve even written about their suitability as pets. Even feeding them is normally quite easy. Gopher snake diet in nature In nature, the gopher snake is an active carnivore. They eat mostly mice, gophers, squirrels, rats, lemmings, voles and rabbits; however, they will also sometimes eat bird eggs and even small birds. It isn’t uncommon for a gopher snake to go down into burrows to catch its rodent prey, which it usually grasps in its mouth, bludgeoning it to death against the sides of the burrow if it can’t wrap around it, and then eating the prey. This is a key to giving this pet its food since, unlike many other snakes, the food doesn’t need to be alive for the reptile to accept it. They don’t have to actually catch it in order to be willing to eat it. Food for a pet gopher snake Most people would Continue Reading →

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Setting up a tank for water snakes

In most of the places where we have lived, there have been water snakes nearby. I’ve rescued several and have had the fortune to keep some as pets. Water snakes can be really interesting pets. They are usually mild-tempered and they usually aren’t difficult to feed. To keep them as pets, though, it is a good idea to set up a tank properly to house the snake so it can remain healthy. Tank selection for water snakes When selecting the tank, remember that it needs to be big enough for the snake to be comfortable. This might seem to be a common sense statement, and it is, but water snakes tend to grow larger as they get older. A person who has a baby water snake and gets a tank that has a capacity of five gallons may quickly find that the tank is far too small. A good size to begin with is a 20-gallon aquarium capable of holding water. A 55-gallon tank is even better since it affords the snake more room to move around. A glass aquarium is preferred over plastic as it doesn’t scratch as easily. Tank cover It is important to know that water snakes are master escape artists. For this reason, there should be a tight-fitting tank cover that allows for air circulation but which has a fine enough mesh that the snake can’t wiggle through. There are specialty tank covers on the market that are designed to contain reptiles in glass aquariums and Continue Reading →

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